Champions of the Empire

Item NameItem CostActive PointsReal PointsTech Level
Hide details for EquipmentEquipment
Hide details for AdventuringAdventuring
Hide details for ArmourArmour
Advanced Polymer Battle Suit1,125341912
Advanced Polymer Vest750341012
All Field2,750201014
Heavy Kevlar Battlesuit75022128
Inertia Field2,20017814
Kevlar Body Armor4501168
Kevlar Tres Chic Executive Wear4,72517910
Kevlar Tres Chic Security Wear4,000201010
Kevlar Vest3001148
Kevlar+ Body Armour1,500271510
Kevlar+ Vest1,000271010
Reflec Field3,300371214
Reflec, Heavy1,37512512
Reflec, Light8256312
Sonic Field6,875752514
Hide details for CampingCamping
Clothing, Cold Weather8002110
Clothing, Desert953
Cold Light Lantern1752276
Compass, Magnetic25313
Desert Survival Kit4505
Ice Axe253
Hide details for OtherOther
Air Tanks1,25010512