Desert Survival Kit
Specific Category:Camping
Item Name:Desert Survival Kit
Active Point Cost:
Real Point Cost:
Cost Modifier suggestions
Program is Real Cost 5 or lessCost x 1
Program is Real Cost 6 to 10Cost x 2
Program is Real Cost 11 to 15Cost x 3
Program is Real Cost 16 to 20Cost x 4
Program is Real Cost 21 or moreCost x 5
Program is Military IssueAdj Cost x 10
Program is Custom DesignedAdj Cost x 100
Item Cost:450
Tech Level:5
Weight:1 kg
Description:A kit containing a variety of items useful in the desert. Includes a 1 liter canteen; first aid kit; hydrating tablets; folding shovel; plastic, watertraps, straws, and directions for building three solar stills; a knife and sheath; a signal mirror; and a water purification kit. The kit comes in a pack which can be worn on the back or hip or attached to a larger pack.