Clothing, Desert
Specific Category:Camping
Item Name:Clothing, Desert
Active Point Cost:
Real Point Cost:
Cost Modifier suggestions
Program is Real Cost 5 or lessCost x 1
Program is Real Cost 6 to 10Cost x 2
Program is Real Cost 11 to 15Cost x 3
Program is Real Cost 16 to 20Cost x 4
Program is Real Cost 21 or moreCost x 5
Program is Military IssueAdj Cost x 10
Program is Custom DesignedAdj Cost x 100
Item Cost:95
Tech Level:3
Weight:0.5 kg
Description:Rugged, lightweight clothing for use in the desert, includes white, long-sleeved shirt; white, comfortable long pants, sturdy hiking boots, and a broad-brimmed light colored hat. See also Suit, Desert Survival.