Kevlar Tres Chic Executive Wear
Specific Category:Armour
Item Name:Kevlar Tres Chic Executive Wear
Active Point Cost:17
Real Point Cost:9
Cost Modifier suggestions
Program is Real Cost 5 or lessCost x 1
Program is Real Cost 6 to 10Cost x 2
Program is Real Cost 11 to 15Cost x 3
Program is Real Cost 16 to 20Cost x 4
Program is Real Cost 21 or moreCost x 5
Program is Military IssueAdj Cost x 10
Program is Custom DesignedAdj Cost x 100
Item Cost:4725
Tech Level:10
Weight: kg
Description:Very stylish protective clothing for the fashion conscious executive. The clothing is both protective and makes you look good. If you've got it, the clothing makes you look even better. If you don't got it, the Kevlar Executive Wear makes you look like you do.

Kevlar Tres Chic Executive Wear comes in a very wide variety of fashions for both men and women. It can be a man's business suit and hat or it can be woman's business attire including stockings and hat.

4 rDEF Armor, Hardened (+1/4) (15 Active Points), OIF (-1/2), Real Armor (-1/4) (8 Real Points)
+4 COM (2 Active Points), OIF (-1/2) (1 Real Point)

Kevlar Executive Wear is available with a tighter fiber weave (up to 6 rDEF Armor and 2x Hardened) for a higher cost.