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[o]Cape Goliath - The largest city on the most populous planet in the Spinward Marches. Cape Goliath is located on Regina in the Regina subsector. The massive city sits on the edge of the Giant Ocean. It has a population of over 100 million people.
[o]Capital - Central world of the Imperium and seat of government since its founding. Situated in the center of the Imperium, Capital's astrographical position has proven of prime importance as a communications hub, a cultural center, and an industrial focus.

Under the divided Imperium, with no emperor officially proclaimed by action of the Moot, Capital is a head without a brain, and the separate domains of the Imperium have been forced to fend for themselves under the independent leadership of their local Grand Dukes. Once the current political turmoil has settled down and the Imperium is reunited, Capital will again take its place as the centerpiece of human civilization.
[o]Chronology of the Imperium -
2956Year 2005 of the old Terran calendar
5469Third Imperium Established
5519First Zhodani contact with Imperial traders.
5529Colonization of Spinward Marches begins
5545Pacification Campaigns begin
5683Solomani Hypothesis proposed
5689Pacification Campaigns end
5617Scouts recontact Darrians
5679Vargr Campaigns begin
5817Vargr Corridor campaigns end
5849Peace of Ftahair, Imperial-Aslan border established
5873First Shudusham Robotics Conference
5889First Survey of Imperium completed
5895Easter Concordat absorbed into Imperium
5930First Aslan contact with Zhodani
5944Empress Nicholle assassinated
5958Hive capital moved to Glea
5969Imperial explorations into Zhodani territory
6057Terra incorporated into Imperium
6058First Frontier War starts
6073First Frontier War ends. Beginning of Civil War.
6075Plankwell murders Empress Jacqueline I
6084Second Frontier War begins
6089Second Frontier War ends
6091End of Civil War
6093Xboat system established
6148Solomani power broken at court
6173Solomani Autonomous Region created
6187Xboat system covers entire Imperium
6219Seventh Zhodani core expedition
6278Crisis of '78
6279Psionics Suppressions begin
6305Psionics Suppressions end
6321Current Sword Worlds government established
6340Solomani Confederation established
6409Confederation friction with the Imperium
6419Solomani reintegrated in Imperium
6448Start of the Third Frontier War
6455End of the Third Frontier War
6459Solomani Rim War begins
6467Imperial advance to core of Solomani Sphere
6471Siege of Terra. End of the Solomani Rim War
6474Solomani Home Guard created
6509Destruction of Phoenix project begins
6514Destruction of Phoenix project ends
6534Second Survey of the Imperium completed
6551False War (Fourth Frontier War) begins
6553False War (Fourth Frontier War) ends
6564Start of the Black Moon campaign
6565Black Moon group escapes from prison
6568Black Moon group begins mission in the Zhodani Consulate
6569Stephron Assassinated and the Moot disolved

[o]Chronor Subsector - Subsector A of the Spinward Marches. The Chronor subsector lies at the extreme spinward reach of the Imperial frontier, and has long been a point of friction between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. Chronor is the Imperial spelling for the subsector; the Zhodani corrupted spelling is Cronor.

Many worlds in the Chronor subsector remain nominally independent, although they are under Zhodani protection. Long term education and development programs are in progress to integrate these worlds into the Zhodani Consulate. Quar (0808 Spinward Marches B532720-B) is the site of an Imperial naval base. The world was originally settled by Imperials, but was pronounced independent as a result of the armistice after the Third Frontier War.
[o]Civil War (6073-6091) - Fought between various factions within the Imperium for control of the bureaucracy. It had its origin in the strain on communications within the Imperium caused by the long lag times dictated by the very size of the Imperium. To city one cause, however, would be simplistic. The diverse backgrounds of the many constituents of the Imperium had its effects, as did rivalry for power by major naval and military commanders and a lessening in the Imperium's expansionist tendencies.

The spark which started the Civil War came from the First Frontier War (6058-6073) in the Spinward Marches. Communications lags and a lack of preparedness forced the Marches to conduct most of the war on its own with little additional help or support from the Imperium. Grand Admiral of the Marches Olav hault-Plankwell forced the war to an end and found solid support for a new government. Marching on Capital with his war fleet, he forced an audience with Empress Jacqueline I, supposedly for recognition of his war effort. In the course of the meeting in 6075, he personally murdered the Empress, and then proclaimed himself Emperor by right of fleet control. The ensuing power struggle lasted through 18 years and 18 emperors.

The fighting in the Civil War was of two varieties: fringe battles for power bases, and central battles for power in the Core. The fringe battles were fought throughout the Imperium as rival factions recruited forces. Once any power block built up enough strength to make a victory seem possible, the forces were moved to the Core and used to either seize power or to wrest it away from someone else.

But there was also a cheaper, easier route open to many. The dynastic crisis of 5313 had produced a precedent for the assassination of the emperor if he or she overstepped the bounds of legitimate activity. The concept was introduced to legitimize the elimination of Cleon the Mad and was never intended for any other purpose. Nevertheless, in the turmoil of the Civil War, assassination was introduced and accepted, at least by those utilizing the technique, as a way of promoting a succession in government.

The line of Emperors during the Civil War came mostly from naval officers, and they are collectively called the Emperors of the Flag. Of these eighteen, seven were assassinated, ten were killed in battle, and one survived - Arbellatra.

During the course of the Civil War, the Outworld Coalition (of Zhodani and Vargr) saw that their defeat in the First Frontier War at the hands of Olav need not be permanent. They attacked again in the Second Frontier War (6084-6089). Their defeat in that war had greater effects than they would know. Grand Admiral Arbellatra managed the meager forces of the Imperium against the Coalition and managed to force a second defeat.

Arbellatra's strategy after the war was (like Olav) to march on the Capital and seize power. She, however, did not make the mistake of seizing the throne. Instead, she defeated the putative emperor and then took possession of power, holding it in trust for a rightful successor. She held the post of regent for seven years while a search for a member of Jacqueline's family could be found to take the throne.

In the stability that followed with her as regent, she made an impression of the Moot and succeeded in establishing a broad power base. Ultimately, the Moot approached her to take the throne herself, an end which was probably in her mind all along.

With the end of the two Frontier Wars and the Civil War, the Imperium entered a period of renewed expansion and consolidation. The express boat system was established to enhance government, commercial, and private communications; the Solomani influence in the Imperium was lessened and replaced with a more cosmopolitan policy; renewed efforts at interior development of existing Imperial territories provided a new focus for the nobles of the Moot.
[o]Confederation - Group of independent states, worlds, or systems united for specified purposes while generally retaining more freedom of action than the members of a federation. Also a league or alliance (especially of princes, nations, states, worlds, or systems).
[o]Corridor - Imperial sector containing 267 systems dramatically split by the Great Rift; 69 systems lie rimward of the Rift and 149 systems form the coreward third of the sector. Corridor is named for its role connecting old, well-established Vland Sector with the frontier sectors Deneb and the Spinward Marches. The name Corridor dates from about 5609 and has displaced the old Vilani name (Eneri, rough translation: "star salad") for the sector. Corridor today is disputed territory, which lies between the so-called Restored Vilani Empire and the loyal Domain of Deneb.
[o]Crisis of '78 - Albert Croale, in his book Almost Disaster, presents a hypothesis that the Third Frontier War (6448-6455) occurred two centuries too late. After reviewing the progress of events in the spinward reaches of the Imperium from the antebellum period to the mid 64th century, Croale then analyzes the rise of the Psionics Institutes, their growing public acceptance, and their spreading power. Finally, he presents that a straight projection of events would predict a resurgence of the Outworld Coalition, increased hostilities, and finally, a Third Frontier War.

Instead, his hypothesis as stated in his book indicates that the Psionics Suppressions (6279-6305 and beyond) were a massive manipulation of the population of the Imperium; a form of psychohistory, intended to eliminate the power of the Institutes. Preparations were ongoing for war, and the Imperium made representations of strength (in 6278) to the Coalition. It backed down.

But, the psychohistory project went wrong and resulted in widespread rejection of psionics as a whole within the Imperium to the point that even the government had difficulty in using the science of psionics for its official purposes.
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