Chronology of the Imperium
Subject:Chronology of the Imperium
2956Year 2005 of the old Terran calendar
5469Third Imperium Established
5519First Zhodani contact with Imperial traders.
5529Colonization of Spinward Marches begins
5545Pacification Campaigns begin
5683Solomani Hypothesis proposed
5689Pacification Campaigns end
5617Scouts recontact Darrians
5679Vargr Campaigns begin
5817Vargr Corridor campaigns end
5849Peace of Ftahair, Imperial-Aslan border established
5873First Shudusham Robotics Conference
5889First Survey of Imperium completed
5895Easter Concordat absorbed into Imperium
5930First Aslan contact with Zhodani
5944Empress Nicholle assassinated
5958Hive capital moved to Glea
5969Imperial explorations into Zhodani territory
6057Terra incorporated into Imperium
6058First Frontier War starts
6073First Frontier War ends. Beginning of Civil War.
6075Plankwell murders Empress Jacqueline I
6084Second Frontier War begins
6089Second Frontier War ends
6091End of Civil War
6093Xboat system established
6148Solomani power broken at court
6173Solomani Autonomous Region created
6187Xboat system covers entire Imperium
6219Seventh Zhodani core expedition
6278Crisis of '78
6279Psionics Suppressions begin
6305Psionics Suppressions end
6321Current Sword Worlds government established
6340Solomani Confederation established
6409Confederation friction with the Imperium
6419Solomani reintegrated in Imperium
6448Start of the Third Frontier War
6455End of the Third Frontier War
6459Solomani Rim War begins
6467Imperial advance to core of Solomani Sphere
6471Siege of Terra. End of the Solomani Rim War
6474Solomani Home Guard created
6509Destruction of Phoenix project begins
6514Destruction of Phoenix project ends
6534Second Survey of the Imperium completed
6551False War (Fourth Frontier War) begins
6553False War (Fourth Frontier War) ends
6564Start of the Black Moon campaign
6565Black Moon group escapes from prison
6568Black Moon group begins mission in the Zhodani Consulate
6569Stephron Assassinated and the Moot disolved

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