Champions of the Empire
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[o]Gas Giant - A large planet with an extensive atmosphere of hydrogen and hydrogen compounds. Starships fuel themselves by diving into this atmosphere and skimming hydrogen [from this atmosphere]. The only other methods available for refuelling are 1) dipping water from oceans, 2) melting it from icecaps, and 3) buying it at a base or starport.
[o]Good War/Bad War - Good War/Bad War - The terms "good war" and "bad war" are expressions used by mercenaries to differentiate between small-scale actions within the Imperium and full-scale wars between the Imperium and outside forces.

Small scale actions are viewed as good because the Imperial rules of war are in effect, and a unit knows that it will not be subject to nuclear weapons. Good wars are usually short and not particularly bloody. A unit in a tight spot need merely surrender and activate its repatriation bonds to be removed from combatant status. Even antiguerrilla actions are good, under this classification, because of the fact that although most guerrillas usually observe no restraint with captured government forces, captured mercenaries can usually be ransomed to serve as a source of income.

A war is bad when no such controls are in effect, and a mercenary unit will be subject to the full horrors of war. Mercenary units are understandably reluctant to accept bad war contracts, but they may be forced into them, especially when near the border areas adjoining two or more factions of the divided Imperium.
[o]Great Rift - Broad expanse of space with a very low density of stars lying spinward of the main region of the Third Imperium. The Great Rift is a pronounced impediment to interstellar travel, and it constrains jumps through Corridor sector to the Spinward Marches.

The Great Rift is one of many astrographic terrain features which have provided long-term security for the Third Imperium. By its very nature, the Great Rift has made outside incursions difficult, which has made the interior of the Imperium a secure population center.
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