Champions of the Empire
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[o]Octagon Society - Established in 342, the Octagon Society was the first major distressed spacefarer assistance operation to appear in the Spinward Marches. The group thrived on public contributions and on some tax revenues for 150 years; then it collapsed in the late 400s when scandals emerged over the quality of shelter construction and the disposition of certain funds.

Society shelters were generally of an octagonal shape. Large hostels were established on major worlds, while smaller weather shelters were placed on frontier or unsettled worlds. The characteristic octagon-shaped buildings are still visible on various worlds, although none are still in use as shelters for distressed spacefarers.

The Octagon Society was dissolved in 499, and its assets were sold at auction.
[o]Oort Cloud - A spherical shell around most stars containing numerous small bodies of cometary material. A typical Oort cloud is about 0.5 to 1 light year from its primary and has an aggregate mass about that of Terra; density is thus extremely low. The main constituents of cometary bodies are ice and dust ("dirty snowballs"). Bodies in the Oort cloud are occasionally perturbed by collisions or by the influence of nearby stars into orbits which pass near the star; these form the visible comets. The Oort cloud is named after its discoverer, Terran astronomer Jan Oort.
[o]Outworld Coalition - Traditional name for the belligerent groups allied against the Imperium during the First and Second Frontier Wars. Commonly applied to any alliance of powers threatening the Spinward Marches and Imperial territories spinward of the Great Rift.

The original Outworld Coalition was formed in the late 59th century at the instigation of the Zhodani Consulate. Vargr allegiances vacillated, but memories of the Imperial campaigns against certain Vargr states in the Corridor swayed some into membership. Zhodane, as the major partner, contributed military aid and assistance (such as technicians and advisors). While some Vargr governments contributed personnel and naval units, other Vargr remained neutral or sided with the Imperium.

The initial history of the coalition was one of continuing struggle for organization, as the Zhodani were continually occupied in establishing Vargr governments, and maintaining them in power. The intent was for the Vargr to raid the coreward edge of the Spinward Marches, especially Regina and Aramis subsectors, while the major thrust from Zhodane took Cronor and Jewell subsectors. The Vargr portions of the offensive failed dismally. Furthermore, the failure resulted in a collapse of the coalition.

The internal Imperial upheavals (the Civil War) which followed the First Frontier War (it was just called the Frontier War then) exposed a continuing weakness in the Imperium, and the Outworld Coalition reformed after a hiatus of five years. At the appropriate moment, the reformed Coalition again attacked the Marches, this time taking portions of Jewell subsector. Although the Vargr again failed to take any territory permanently, their performance as a whole was considerably improved.

Traditionally, frontier wars in the Spinward Marches have involved coalitions of Zhodani and certain Vargr states. The Sword Worlds have also joined the coalition at times.

From a Zhodani perspective, the Coalitions were purely economic. political and defensive in nature. Yes, The Consulate tried to foster stable governments in the Vargr regions, often giving tremendous amounts of material aid and technical expertise. And yes, they did enter battle with the Imperium, but only after unprovoked attacks occurred.
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