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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Prison Planet
Send To:Curt Rustle, Jack, Max, Nobody, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)
Turn Number:30.1
Combat Turn:
Subject:Month 22 Rumours
Jack hears the following rumours this month.

1. Circle City has a small starport. The starport warden can be bribed for 2-3 thousand credits to issue fraudulent clearance papers to a group of people.

JACK (to GM): Clearance papers to take off from the starport into orbit? Or clearance to leave orbit in some way? Just making sure we don't need him if we get to our ship in some other fashion. If we take a shuttle though we'll need him right?

GM: Clearance papers to get through local customs and offworld. Basically you need clearance papers to legally depart the system. For most citizens, this is a simple matter of producing a valid ID card. However, prisoners don't have ID cards.

2. Starting next year, the warden is going to expand the list of proscribed powers to be mind blocked. Some people who have minor defensive mutant abilities are worried that these will be among the newly proscribed powers.

JACK: Ick, I was already bothered that they seem to care way too much about defensive powers. Hopefully we're outta here before this affects us.

VAMPERINA: "Ouch! It's a good bet that my density increase will be one of the powers."

3. Barrier Industries will be sending a team of accountants to the prison to audit the books in the wake of the previous warden's arrest.

Vamperina hears the following rumour this month.

1. Talbot Vinge has a dose of biocort for sale for Cr200.

NOBODY: I'm not certain what biocort is. for some reason I think it is for healing.

GM: Yes, Biocort is used for healing.

JACK: Yep, advanced first aid is the use I'm familiar with. We already have one dose in the Escape Committee's medkit. My gut instinct is that Cr200 is way too much, because it's so rare and contraband here in the prison. I doubt we'll need it before we're out *knock on wood*.

2. 1A53 Benedict Crella is a new prisoner who arrived in month 21. He is currently assigned to CB3. He is a convicted burglar who has the ability to tunnel through rock, stone, steel and even hardened composites. This power is mind-blocked.

NOBODY: Now this could be a trap. I wouldn't put it past the new warden.

JACK: Interesting to know. I suppose if you (Vana) go to CB3 as the grievance rep you can try to see what you can find out about him, or meet him. It really isn't likely to work out well given our timetable, but never ignore a possible asset.
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