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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Prison Planet
Send To:Curt Rustle, Jack, Max, Nobody, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)
Turn Number:32.2
Combat Turn:
Subject:Update Escape Plan
Here's an updated Escape Plan with added questions/suggestions.


Escape Action Plan:

13.22 - Surge returned to mining and volunteered for the DZ. Curt returned
to the MML. Curt distances himself from our gang and remains apart from our
group during rec time.

16.22 Vamperina & Dan return to the MML. They mine normally making sure not
to be seen with Curt.

21.22 Curt disappeared while mining in the MML. He sneaks into the toilet
waste area some time that day and remains hidden. Vamperina and Dan
volunteer for waste disposal duty. Curt slips inside one of the containers
and they then take Curt's container to the cell block to be emptied. The
same day in the DZ, Felix and Axel volunteer for disposal duty. There, Curt
slips out and into the DZ container. The next morning they bring him down
to the DZ, where he slips out before it's installed and when the time is
right sneaks out into the DZ and hides.

22.22 Exit is opened slightly, Curt enters and blocks off. Explores at
night in darkness.

23.22 Curt explores cavern, discovers tarp and need for grease.

26.22 Felip delivers some grease. That night Curt goes beyond the tarp and
sees the moon's surface.

27.22 Surge explores the cavern and scans the surface for a ways and picks
up no electronic scanners.

28.22 Etienne joins the group in helping with the cave-in. It will take 7
days to prepare the cave-in.


Escape from Prison

1) Move over all remaining stashes to the exit. I believe most of this was
done but we'll be 100% on that. Nobody will spend some time with the

NOBODY: "And the geiger-counter, please. If I'm going to be orienting myself, I can take some readings as well. Shouldn't take more than a day or two."

2) Confirm the cycles of light and dark so that we can stage the cave-in
and be ready to exit to the surface under darkness and can have at least a
few hours of walking in darkness away from the prison.

3) Discuss with Axel about the walk to Circle City and how best to prepare

4) Make sure we have ample food and water.

NOBODY: "The atmosphere should not bother me, but I do need to eat and drink, for now."


* Do we want to sit at all in the natural cavern and wait it out? Or head
to Circle city immediately?\

NOBODY: "If we feel that we can trust Ettienne, why don't we get an entire workshift of movement before he collapses the tunnel? And if we don't, everyone but Scooter could be on the move during that entire shift, and he can catch up to us very quickly. We just need to arrange some "signs" for him to follow. We will have to remember to regrease the airlock as the last thing or the introduction of the moon's atmosphere into the DZ could give the warden further incentive to dig for us.

NOBODY: Is there water on the surface? If so, then we can live a lot longer on limited rations."

* What if we were to head to the surface before the cave-in happened and
possibly were already walking away by the time it was triggered?

* Do we want to work up a plan to have Etienne not appear to be connected?
How easily could we pull the rope from inside the cavern?

NOBODY: "Just want to point out, again, that we would be putting a LOT of trust in Etienne to cover our tracks."

I do recommend that we have all but the required people for the cave-in to
be on their way to the top. So at least 30 minutes to an hour head start.
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