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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Prison Planet
Send To:Curt Rustle, Jack, Max, Nobody, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)
Turn Number:29.4
Combat Turn:
Subject:Mining Accident - Nobody
Towards the end of the first week, Nobody is injured in a mining accident. The cave-in practically buries Nobody, but the rest of the group is able to act quickly to free Nobody. He has already suffered 5 BODY damage (and 23 STUN) and is bleeding. Dayne is the resident paramedic and quickly works to stop the bleeding. Nobody suffers another 7 STUN (but no BODY) before the bleeding has been stopped.

What does your group wish to do? With normal rest and recuperation, a normal person would take about 2 and a half months to fully recover. It's quite possible that the prison will transfer him to the hospital in Circle City, which will cut down his recovery time, but he will still probably be out for at least a month if not two.

CURT: Curt says "Unless Nobody has better than normal healing, I think he needs to go to the infirmary and/or circle city. I know it could totally screw up our plans for this year, but unless he does, we're going to basically have to mine for him completely and hope no one notices he is injured. If it's noticed he's injured, he will most likely get sent there anyway, and unless we mine enough to completely cover his normal mining, Jack if not all of us are going to get accused of sharing ore. I just think the minus's outweigh the pluses here."

NOBODY:  *wheeze* *groan*  "I could help with the scans, or work on the second -" unngh*  "- densiometer instead.  I don't have to go, I just need to take it real easy, is all."  cough cough*  "Dammit!"  *wheeze* *aargh*  "I've just made an important breakthrough, and I need to track down exactly what happened."  *AAAH!*  "Dang it!  That hurts!" The old man definitely is looking his age.  He's lost some blood, and is definitely in a lot of pain.

MAX: "I agree that nobody should get medical care, even if it changes our time table"

GM: I made an error in calculating Nobody's damage. I thought his PD was X when it was actually Y. The result is that he only suffered 2 BODY instead of 5, and can, without much difficulty, hide his wounds. He will be at -1 to all activities until he heals one BODY. With rest and recuperation, that would be a few days. However, if he will be mining every day, it will take longer.

NOBODY: Eli suggests that it would be quicker for him to go to the infirmary and get the few days off, heal up, then come back to work in good shape. At his age its wise to know when to take a break.

JACK: "Take the few days off, get 100%. We'll cover for you."

JACK: I'm curious what you mean by 'just made an important breakthrough'... I'm sure the rest of this is mostly negated by the fact that the damage wasn't as severe as you thought, but that might not be.

NOBODY: "I've just made a powerful breakthrough on a couple of my mental blocks. It was way more than I expected. I'm doing a little mental research to find out exactly what happened so that I can make use of it for all of us."

JACK: "Interesting, to be sure. Maybe a few days of rest will give you time to think about it and figure it out," Jack finishes with a smile.
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