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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Expedition to Zhodane
Send To:Jack, Kyle, Mek Meday, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)02/23/6570
Turn Number:14.2
Combat Turn:
Subject:Iridium Bar - Turn 1, Phase 8-9
The three Anubi are too intent on leaving to notice that something fell out of Brother Gray's hand as he teleported away. Omen had a very good look and saw that what fell out of his hand was Mek! For whatever reason, he did not teleport with Brother Gray. Brother Gray almost certainly realizes this and even now may be planning to return.

Since the Anubi are gone, Midnight can make an additional breakout roll at -3.

Dex 29 - Omen
Dex 23 - Jack, Midnight

DEX 29
OMEN: Vareq gets up in a crouch. He grabs Mek, shoves him deep into a pocket, and maintains a wary stance waiting for Brother Gray and the Anubi to return.

1/2 phase get to feet
1/2 phase grab Mek
Levels in DCV - DCV 12
(I'm assuming grabbing an unconscious Mek is more like drawing a weapon +0 DCV than an actual Grab maneuver.)

GM: You have Mek in your pocket and are holding your half action. As you get up you also notice the device on the table with the counter reading "00:59"

DEX 23

GM: Midnight successfully shrugs off the effects of the mind control. Immediately he notices the electronic device sitting on a nearby table. The counter is showing "00:59".

MIDNIGHT (GM): How many people are around (teammates, innocents and those brotherhood guys)? How long does it take to attempt to disarm a bomb w/demolitions skill?

GM: The time required depends on the complexity of the device. In this case, you're not even certain that the device on the table is a bomb. It could simply be a remote control that was used to activate a bomb. All of the Anubi are gone. Kyle is nearby, but unconscious. Omen has just lept up in a crouch and grabbed Mek. There are still at least half a dozen to a dozen people in the bar, crouched under tables in the booths and behind the bar.

Dex 30 - Vamperina
Dex 23 - Surge

DEX 30
VAMPERINA: After verifying that pressure is equal on both sides of the hatch, Vamperina begins cycling it manually.

GM: It will take two complete phases, so it will be open at the end of phase 11.

DEX 23
SURGE: TECH: Held action waiting for door to open
BODY: 12/12 STUN: 34/34 END: 40/40 END RES: 68/75
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