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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Prison Planet
Send To:Curt Rustle, Jack, Max, Nobody, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)
Turn Number:31.1
Combat Turn:
Subject:Implementing the Escape Plan
After a long discussion the previous night about your escape plans, day 13 of month 22 arrives. This is Surge's first day down in the mines since he started working in the machine shop. On the same day Curt does not volunteer for the DZ and instead goes to the MML. Curt distances himself from the group and does not hang out with them during rec time.

At some point during day 13, as someone in the group is using the toilet near lift shaft 1 (there is one toilet near LS1 and two near LS2), they notice that the camera that had been pointing towards the escape tunnel has moved and is now pointing in a completely different direction. None of the other cameras are pointing in the general direction of the escape tunnel.

Over the course of the next few days, the camera does not move from its new location.

SURGE: I would say we would have taken this opportunity to prepare the opening, keeping an eye on the camera's location. Surge would also scout out the cameras and other possible scanning devices on his return to the DZ.

NOBODY: "I don't like this. As far as I know, none of us moved that camera. Its too convenient that it has moved now."

CURT: I agree if we didn't have anything to do with it. When I first read it I had assumed we did it, but if not, I would be a bit concerned as well.

SURGE: "I think you're reading into this way too much. They can move around the cameras if they wish and I don't see this behavior as odd at all. It's simply convenient for us, that's all. Of course, we don't let our guard down at any point. Remember that guards can walk by at any point so we must be ready to cover our activity at a moments notice. That's why we keep a lookout and make sure that we can quickly appear to be mining."

SURGE: "Nobody, I ask that you be ready to TK the camera if need be and I'll be on hand to overload it if it becomes a problem. However, I'm not concerned. The main thing is whenever someone is going to disappear into the cavern such as Curt we don't want him on camera entering the shaft. Even if he assumes another miner's form, a sharp eye could notice that someone entered and did not exit. I fully expect that all camera data is archived and they can review it at any point. Which is why we need to mask our activity as normal whenever in view. If the camera swivels back, those in the shaft can exit normally at the end of the day with their ore."

SURGE: "So the two things we don't want on film are Curt entering the shaft and the moving of our stash, in case we can't conceal it completely on our persons. We also want to keep the visible traffic on this shaft to a minimum for a while. Though when we get closer to the cave-in we're going to simulate that we've found a hot vein in the shaft and that we're mining it heavily. Thus what causes the cave-in. We will want to be on camera at that point as they'll know that we were in there when the cave-in happened. If the camera isn't there then that's whatever."


One day 16, Vamperina and Dan do not volunteer for the DZ and, instead, go to the MML where they mine for the next six days.

On day 21, Curt disappears. Once he is by himself, he simply drops his tools, grabs his water jug and food (to make the escape look more realistic) and heads for the neutral zone. He hides his water and food in one of the groups old, abandoned hideys and then makes for the CB1 toilets. He enters one of the toilets, looking like another random CB1 prisoner who is mining the MML that day. Once inside, he changes shape into blob form and oozes down the toilet bowl and into the waste container.

Meanwhile in the DZ, at the end of the shift, Felix and Axel successfully volunteer for waste container duty. They bring the container up at the end of the shift. The DZ inmates actually arrive at the cell block level before the MML inmates, which is unusual. They run the waste container through the waste processor and place it on a predetermined rack/shelf.

When the MML inmates finally arrive about 45 mintues late, the DZ miners learn that the reason for the holdup was that Curt has gone missing and they had to stay down while the guards did a quick search. The rest of the group notes that Vamperina and Dan are carrying one of the waste containers and they place it on the same rack, on the shelf directly above where Felix and Dan placed their container. They quietly report that Curt is inside.

During the night, Curt oozes out of the MML waste container and into the DZ waste container directly below him.

In the morning (day 22, month 22), Vamperina and Dan retrieve their waste container and run it through the waste processor. Dan and Felix also retrive their waste container, which now contains Curt. They take it down to the DZ with them and replace it in the toilet, noting the positions of the cameras. There are no cameras currently pointing at the toilet. They signal this by rapping a code sequence on the waste container. Curt quickly exits the container and enters the escape tunnel where he hides.

SURGE: Good job!

Vamperina and Dan mine the MML again, replacing the waste container in the CB1 toilet. There are a lot more guards down in the mines today and they conduct a thorough search of the MML. Not surprisingly, they don't find Curt though they do find a number of stashes.
It is now day 22 of month 22. The plan calls for Scooter to spend the day opening the exit. Because of the limitations of the tools, this means cutting a fairly large opening for most of the 3 feet and then cutting only a 9 inch opening for the final 6 inches. Thus, if he cuts it perfectly, then you will have a roughly 9 inch diameter "plug" that is a 6 inches thick.

SURGE: Alright, the only thing that might have adjusted was Scooter's time frame on preparing the hole. We would try to get as much done while the camera's looking away. We would make sure that we have a minimal presence there just in case the camera swivels back. We'd also have a look out and be prepared to look like we were simply mining. Let me know if that changes anything. I'll go ahead and amend the action plan to account for where we're at and what I see next.
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