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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Expedition to Zhodane
Send To:Jack, Kyle, Mek Meday, Midnight, Omen, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)09/18/6569
Turn Number:13.2
Combat Turn:
Subject:Dimensional Attack - Aftermath
Screams of anguish fill the bridge as Mek, Kyle and Vareq all collapse. But while Vareq sits back up and shakes his head, Kyle and Mek show no signs of movement. Vamperina rushes over to check on the three.

VAMPERINA: "Are you okay, Vareq?" Seeing that he seems to have fared better than the others, she goes to check on Kyle and Mek. Paramedic 8- [rolled 11], otherwise First Aid 13- [rolled 12]

Vamperina is quickly joined by Surge and the two of them ascertain that Kyle has been knocked silly by whatever happened, but does not seem to have suffered any physical damage. They are about to check on Mek, who is still only about 6 cm tall, when he suddenly grows to full human size and stands up on his own.

"Are you okay, Mek," Vamperina asks.

Mek does not respond immediately. He simply looks around the bridge. There is something that seems not quite right about him and though her Danger Sense does not warn her of any danger, she nevertheless activates her Densified Dermal Layer.

"I AM ... COME," Mek says in a deep, gravely voice that sounds nothing like Mek. Then he collapses to the ground.

OMEN: Vareq staggered but didn't fall during the attack. He looks unharmed. When Mek gets up and starts to act funny, Vareq will scan him to see what's going on in his head.

Activation 15- [rolled 8]
ECV 10 [rolled 14]
Telepathy 15d [rolled 4 4 2 4 4 1 2 4 2 4 2 2 1 2 6 - Total: 44, Body: 14]

Only Vamperina is able to see Vareq's mental attack against Mek and thus, has some idea of why Vareq too suddenly collapses.

GM: Separate turn to follow shortly for Vareq.

Still somewhat wary, Vamperina and Surge approach Vareq and Mek. They note that Mek is bleeding and quickly work to stop it. Vamperina checks on Vareq and finds that he is unconscious but otherwise fine. "I saw him do some sort of mental attack on Mek while Mek was speaking," she says. As she finishes speaking, Vareq sits up.

JACK: Jack shakes his head dubiously and says, "Well he knew the risks of using his powers on Mek at a normal time, and this hardly seems normal, but I'm sure that's why he thought it necessary. Did he hurt Mek at all? At least Mek grew to full size so that now we can treat him properly." Jack goes back to his piloting duties now that better medics than he are on the job.

OMEN: Vareq sits up and immediately jumps to his feet in a crouch. He looks around the room cautiously, not focusing on physical objects but something else beyond. Then his attention focuses on Mek.

SURGE: Surge takes particular notice of Omen's latest actions and seems to be observing him and Mek.

SURGE (GM): Surge will be playing close attention to Omen's behavior and if it seems strange or different from usual. Per 19- [rolled 9]

JACK: "Vareq? Talk to me, is the threat passed?

JACK (GM): I would have wanted to be present when Mek came around or shortly thereafter. If we have warning, he'd be there, if not he'd want to be called. Like I said, I'm useless until he wakes up and I can talk to him ;) I'll respond in the turn in a bit.


Meanwhile, Jack, who is at the helm, has straightened out ROCK and asked all stations to report in. Midnight reports in saying that all is fine in the weapons tower. Dalag chimes in that all is normal in engineering. Like Midnight, the only thing he felt was the evasive maneuvers.


Kyle and Mek are, in turn, put onto stretchers and carried to one of the staterooms (Stateroom 3) and placed in the bunks. Surge returns to the bridge while Vamperina, who had always been Max's backup on medical issues, remains to tend to them. About 20 minutes later, Kyle starts coming around and, within a few minutes is almost back to his normal self. Vamperina brings him up to date and what happened and is more than happy to let the doctor take over lead medical duties while she assists.

KYLE: When he comes to Kyle is full of questions regarding what happened. Once he learns that someone is injured, however, he puts his curiosity on hold and tends to Mek. Grabbing the ship's medical kit he immediately does what he can to treat Mek. "It may be a good idea to have Surge keep the gravitic sensors going," He says to Vampirina. "We'll want some warning in case something like this happens again."

TECH: Paramedic (15-) [rolled 8], PS: Doctor (15-) [rolled 8]. I don't think surgery will be required for his injuries.

SURGE: Surge will definitely keep all sorts of scans going, including the gravitic variations.

KYLE: As Kyle gets more information about what happened on the bridge, he starts to ask a few pointed questions, asking what people saw, what htey heard, and even asking Surge for what sounds like some extraneous data regarding neutrino emissions during the attack. As he does so, Kyle starts to develop what theories he can about what happened. Was this a dimensional gate opened up? Could there be an entity trying to break through a dimensional barrier? Might this be a creature that lives in high gravity environments and has a curious lifestyle?

TECH: Comprehensive Scientist (16-) [rolled 13]; KS: Dimensional Phenomena (15-) [rolled 14]; PS: Research Scientist (15-) [rolled 14]. And just in case anything like this has ever come up with respect to the Ancients, KS: Ancients (15-) [rolled 11]. I'll give you more rolls if you need them.

GM: Several theories present themselves all related to dimensional phenomena. Some sort of object or entity probably created the wormhole and came through it. The wormhole collapse after the object passed through. Kyle still has no idea what might have happened when the object or creature hit ROCK. The fact that those with powers related to dimensional manipulation were affected, while no one else was, obviously indicates a dimensional effect. Perhaps the entity or object moved dimensionally as it "hit" ROCK.

Kyle patches up Mek's injuries and, after awhile, Mek comes around. Only Kyle, Omen and Vamperina are in the stateroom with Mek when he comes around (unless someone else specifically says that they also want to be there). Jack, Surge, Brendan and the Rickets are still on the bridge, Midnight and Curt are in the weapons tower and Dalag is in engineering.

VAMPERINA: Vamperina watches Mek carefully as he comes around. Her densified epidermal layer (FF - invis except to mental and some unusual senses) is up as she is alert for any sign that something bad is going to happen. "How do you feel, Mek?"

MEK: Mek groggily looks at Vamperina and mutters, "That depends. Am I alive or dead? If I'm dead, I feel great. If I'm alive, I think I'll just stay here and rest."

JACK: Jack may be on the bridge when he came around but would have wanted to be called in. He'll leave Professor Ricket to the pilot's station for the few minutes it will take (hopefully).

KYLE: "Rest is just what the doctor ordered. And I should know. I''m the doctor; and I ordered it. You sufferred some internal bleeding and, as near as my instruments can tell, some cellular disruption throughout your body. You weren't kidding when you said that you didn't get along well with dimensional phenomena. But the Biocort I gave you has dealt with the worst of the damage. We just need to let your body assimilate the Biocort and finish up with the repairs. I'd recommend eight hours of rest before you do anything strenuous, though if you're feeling better after four, some light exercise would be okay."

KYLE: "In the meanwhile, we three," he gestures at Vareq, Mek, and himself, "should remain aware of the danger of this sort of thing repeating itself. I think we were attacked by something that created a dimensional wormhole in the gas giant, came through, and made a beeline to us. I have a suspicion that it may have been one of us that drew it towards ROCK. It's my theory that each of casts what in layman's terms I'll call a dimensional shadow - at least when we use our abilities, and maybe when we don't. Someone or something particularly perceptive about some things might be able to see us, even over a great distance, and even if we're hidden from normal view.

KYLE: But I'm still in the dark about what it's purpose was, and where it went after the attack. It's possible that its hold in this dimension was unstable and expending what energy it did in the attack caused it to return. Or it may have willingly left after attacking and leaving its message. Or it may still be out there but undetectable by our sensors. We just have too damn little information. Then again," he adds with a thought, "it contacted you directly, Mek. Do you remember anything about the contact? Or you," he turns to Vareq, "did you make any contact?"

JACK: "So you are convinced this wasn't just a bolt of dimensional energy but an actual entity? I suppose that 'message' would seem to support that theory." Jack trails off and waits expectantly for Mek and Vareq's responses.

KYLE: "Well, I was out cold when Mek was apparently possessed, so I can't say for certain. But, as you say, it speaks strongly for the theory that there's some intelligence behoind what happened.

MEK: Without opening either eye, Mek asks, "What are you guys talking about?"

MEK (OOC): What's Mek's TECH? Is he still down BODY at this point?

KYLE (OOC): I'm assuming that with Biocort, etc. we've got him back to full. But Kyle will want him to rest for a few hours and maybe have something to eat or drink, just to be safe (though he won't push the food and drink if Mek declines).

JACK (OOC): I remember a time when Biocort was like liquid gold to us, we couldn't get access to more of it and had precious few doses we doled out very very sparingly ;) Glad those times are behind us.

KYLE (OOC): For Kyle that was the past three years. Except they had *no* Biocort at all and had to do things the old fashined way. He's also glad to ahve those days behind him.

MEK: Mek opens one eye and looks at Kyle, "Well, I remember, 'Hey let's go look at the keen anomaly.' And then there was a pang of utter fear. Then we left. Then the anomaly chased us, which must have made some of us ecstatic. Then there was that fear again. Then I think I just got a little pissed. After that, there's some screaming, which I think was mine, and pain, which I know was mine, and then I came here to chat with you. Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, contact. I kinda remember making contact with something just before I blacked out. Like a wall or a big fist."

MEK: Mek will take food and drink and drugs. Just don't ask what happens to them.

KYLE: Kyle pauses for a moment then adds thoughtfully, "I didn't actually witness the event, but I'm told that you had a brief ... visitor after the attack. Vareq and Jack geve few details. But then I was busy treating you for your injuries. You remember nothing?"

MEK: Mek groans, "Doc. If you're not going to listen, why ask? I remember lots of stuff. I remember /somebody/ saying that it would be a great idea to take a close look at the anomaly. I remember getting whacked by that same hi-speed anomaly of doom. I remember that one and one almost always add up to two, except in the Army. There it adds up to whatever Sarge says it adds up to. See, I have a great memory. Now, if Mom visited and brought cookies, I could use one. She makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the universe. Real soft and chewy. Wow. I could really use one now."

JACK: "Is he up to hearing the story yet doc? Basically Mek when you were knocked out and bleeding you were still shrunk. Ever wonder how we got you full size? I was not relishing the idea of trying to do First Aid on someone barely bigger than my thumb, I can tell you..."

JACK: Assuming Kyle gives the okay to continue, Jack goes on to say, "A few seconds after you got hit, you suddenly grew to full size, and said in a voice that was entirely unlike your own, the words 'I am come'. In fact," he says, turning to the intercom, "Rockora, I assume you were recording during the incident on the bridge? Could you play back the words Mek spoke after the anomaly struck the ROCK and 3 of her crew please?"

TECH: Conversation skill on 16- [rolled 11]. Any other rolls needed, just ask :)

KYLE: Jack and Vareq see Kyle reach into the medical kit out of sight of Mek as he talks, pull out a tranquilizer hypodermic, stare at it thoughtfully for a moment, then shake his head and put it back where he got it. "But do you remember anything," he asks, stepping back into Mek's view, "that happened to you from the time the anomoly hit us to the moment you woke up here in what passes for a medical bay?"

MEK: Mek's eyes remain closed as he ponders. "Hmm. Huh. Well. That's unusual. I am come, you say. Well. I suppose Imperial isn't my first language. I should be thankful it wasn't something stupid, like, 'Take me to your leader.' Or, 'Give to my you human women.' Still, I'd have hoped for a bit better grammar. Yeah, the shrinking thing. Didn't give it much thought really. You know, the minor aches and pains of internal hemorrhaging tend to make one forget the tiniest details." He looks remarkably calm for someone in his position.

MEK: Mek opens his eyes and watches Rockora's show. "I must say, I do look good on vid. Voice is a bit odd. Hey Doc, maybe you can give me something for that when I'm not around. It could be worse, you know. I could have actually turned into one of those anomaly things. Tiny and dense. Now THAT would be annoying. Hey, don't look so glum. Jack, I know why you're worried. Now when we play handball, it's two against one. Hey Rockora, if my inner anomaly comes out again, try to get the light on my left. That's my good side."

MEK: OK, maybe he's just rambling now.


MEK: Mek's going to try to activate his powers. Flight, just a few centimeters up. FF, on. Then Shrinking just a few centimeters. He'll hold off on trying out the Death Ray, better known as Temporal Warp. The powers outside of the EC will just have to await testing until later. So, what new and exciting things do I learn? :-)

GM: They activate normally.

Kyle finds nothing physically wrong with Mek and he seems to be back to his old self.

JACK: Jack continues talking to Mek for a few more minutes and seems satisfied that all is well, though he does occasionally go back to talk to him again a couple more times as the trip wears on, to see if he remembers anything more.

KYLE (OOC): He will recommend that Mek get himself checked out more fully when they get to Rio or Jewell, but otherwise will rate him fit for duty.
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