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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Prison Planet
Send To:Curt Rustle, Jack, Max, Nobody, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)
Turn Number:32.4
Combat Turn:
Subject:Final Escape Plan
Here is the revised escape plan as I now understand it.

S+2 hours (2 hours into CB1 shift)
Dayne and Nobody head up to the airlock
Axel arrives with CB2 shift

S+4 hours
Felip arrives with CB3 shift

S+6 hours
Dayne and Nobody arrive at the airlock

S+7 hours
Dayne finishes forming the Ionic Machine
Nobody transfers all equipment to the machine

S+? hours (no earlier than S+4, no later than S+10)
Guard passes by

G+15 minutes (15 minutes after the guard passes)
Everyone except Jack and Vamperina start making their way up to the airlock

G+30 minutes
Jack starts making his way up to the airlock

G+31 minutes
Vamperina triggers the cave-in and makes her way up to the airlock

T+3 hours to T+3.75 hours (T = Cave-in Triggered)
Everyone else arrives at the airlock with faster people arriving first.
Surge begins scouting (flying).
Felip, Dan, Axel, Nobody, Curt, Scooter and Max are shuttled to the Ionic Machine as they arrive.

T+3.75 hours
The group takes off.
Jack, Vamperina and Arpad are running and wearing vacc suits.
Surge continues to scout (flying).
Speed is about 40 kph but must maneuver around obstacles.
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