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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Prison Planet
Send To:Curt Rustle, Jack, Max, Nobody, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)
Turn Number:30.5
Combat Turn:
Subject:New Escape Ideas
VAMPERINA: "I've been thinking about another possible plan but have run into some snags. I'm hoping someone else might have some ideas to improve on it."

VAMPERINA: "Curt brought up a good point that having a few minor things happen in a short space of time, and all involving people from our group, will be suspicious. I thought of an idea that might allay at least some suspicion or, at the very least, focus the suspicion in a different location. My thought is that Curt doesn't volunteer for the DZ tomorrow and instead mines the MML. He already has a reputation for sometimes going his own way and mining the MML while the rest of us are mining the DZ. While he is in the MML, he disappears. He basically changes to a rock and blends into the wall. Or maybe he hides in Arpad's old MML hidey. When the shift ends, and he is not there, the guards will search for him. They will probably do a quick walk through of the whole MML. They might assume that he died, was murdered, whatever."

VAMPERINA: "He hides for a few days or even a week or two to let the flap die down. After that, they might assume that he escaped. If they check his records, they might learn that he had shape shifting abilities and somehow used them to escape. It would have been even better, of course, if he had remained disassociated with our group but it's too late for that. Anyway, after a week or two, hopefully he has the free run on the MML at night as long as he stays away from cameras."

VAMPERINA: "Doing this will focus suspicion, if any, on the MML and hopefully not the DZ. The trick then, of course, is getting Curt down to the DZ without being noticed. I thought of, and discarded, a few ideas and I'm hoping that someone else can come up with something. One of the ideas that I had and discarded was to have Curt take the place of someone going down to the DZ (remember that the lift stops at the MML to allow inmates to collect their tools). But then what happens to the person that he took the place of?"

VAMPERINA: "Another idea I had was to have him take the place of one of our tools except that even the largest tool we have only has about half the mass that Curt has. Of course, then we would also have to come up with a way to hide the tool."

VAMPERINA: "Anyway, I'm stuck on how to get Curt down to the DZ so we may end up having to do this in the DZ if we decide to go ahead with it. Once he got down to the DZ, then Surge knocks out the camera and we drill through to the opening. Curt goes through and, by night, explores the caverns beyond and, by day, serves as the plug for the hole. The biggest danger here, of course, is that Curt would be by himself. If this is a problem, then we use the same plan but, during the day, a couple of us go through and explore while Curt hides the entrance."

VAMPERINA: "If we find a way out, then we probably want to hide the tunnel after we escape. A cave-in would be ideal, especially if they thought that we all died. An alternative plan would be to have everyone except Curt escape while Curt remains behind to hide the exit. The problem with that would be if they had some other senses that could tell the difference between a normal rock wall and a shape shifter changed to look like a rock wall."

VAMPERINA: "Anyway, those are some ideas that I had."


SURGE: "I would say the thought of having Curt disappear in the MML is a good one for certain. On how to get him down to the DZ, that's another matter. The easiest solution that comes to mind is having him crawl like goo back into the locker area during nighttime. Then wait as a floor covering or such near the elevator. If there is enough space for you to leak into the shaft that might be the way to sneak down. Otherwise, if you were stealthy enough as goo, you could sneak past when the doors open and the inmates get off in the morning. Otherwise, I can't think of a good way to get down. They all seem rather risky such as trying to pass as a waste container or impersonate another prisoner."


SURGE: Surge approaches the group during the rec hour, "I have been given permission to return to the mines for a few months. I essentially gave them the excuse that I wanted to earn some money to buy a new video player. It is possible that they may call me back if their work load gets too heavy. Hopefully it won't take long before an 'accident' happens."


NOBODY: "Actually, having Curt ooze through the floor of the lift is a good idea. He would go pretty much unnoticed by anyone if he was inthe center of our group. We would provide the wall, and with our backs to him we could honestly answer that we never saw him leave, and we don't know where he is.

NOBODY: The scariest thing about Curt disappearing is dealing with the heightened security. Plus, I'm not sure that the prison might not have portable sensors that are sensitive enough to find Curt.

NOBODY: Now, we don't really need that big of a hole to let Curt out into the natural cavern. A good miner, with the help of the densiometer, should be able to get close, set the hole for a quick break through later, but simply make a small hole for Curt to ooze through. If there is any real atmosphere difference, then a dirty rag should be enough of a plug and a sufficient disguise for such a small hole.

NOBODY: I would recommend that Curt waits until the hole is made. I would further recommend that he does mine the MML in the intervening time as a show of "breaking away". He can quietly talk it up, amongst friendlier inmates, that he only joined Jack's group in the end as an insurance policy, but he's kind of a solitary type, and with the new warden, does'nt see the need to hang with a gang any longer. Having already proven how tough he is, and how long it took him to openly join the gang, he should be able to make this point sound pretty reasonable. It should save us a lot of heat as well. Plus Jack could act really pissed after Curt disappears."
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