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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Expedition to Zhodane
Send To:Jack, Kyle, Mek Meday, Midnight, Omen, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)09/18/6569
Turn Number:13.3
Combat Turn:
Subject:Shipboard Roles
VAMPERINA (OOC): Vamperina has Paramedics on an 8- and I plan to buy it up to the full skill with the next set of EXP so she will be spending a lot of time with Kyle, if he has no objection, learning what she needs to know. When Kyle inquires as to why she is so interested in 'first response' medical training, she replies that it is necessary in order to get a commercial starship pilot's license (she currently has a private starship pilot license which enables her to captain a private ship that does not carry passengers for hire, or cargo for trade).


Shipboard Skills

Vamperina and Dalag (16-)
Jack (15-)
Professor Ricket (13-)

Surge (19-)
Dalag (18-)
Professor Ricket (17-)
Nanci Ricket (14-)
Vamperina (13-)

Starship Engineer
Surge (19-)
Professor Ricket (18-)
Dalag (15-)
Nanci Ricket (14-)

Systems Operation (Comms and Sensors)
Surge (19-)
Professor Ricket (17-)
Dalag and Kyle (15-)
Nanci Ricket (14-)
Vamperina (13-)

TF: Spaceships
Nanci Ricket
Professor Ricket

As a reminder, to stand bridge watch on a ship that is in normal transit (e.g., not at battle stations), you must have TF: Spaceships and Systems Operations Skill (Comms and Sensors). Thus the crewmembers who are able to stand bridge watch are Surge, Professor Ricket, Dalag, Kyle, Nanci Ricket and Vamperina.

If your character does not have TF: Spaceships, I highly recommend buying it (you can use the trip back to the empire as justification, learning it from someone who already has it). As a science fiction campaign, you will be spending a lot of time on spaceships and the TF gives you knowledge of the various ship's systems. Note that it does not allow you to operate a spaceship as a pilot except in extreme emergencies (that's a house rule - I added Starship Pilot skill for that purpose). If you are interested in picking up a spaceship skill, take a look at the website to learn the prereqs. You should also peruse the section on licensing if you want to have a license in addition to the skills (I don't charge character points for it - your character just has to pass a test). You'll note that among the PCs, there is only one Engineer who is also your best Astrogator (Surge).

KYLE (OOC): Kyle is willing to start learning what he can about astrogation and the engines from Surge. He's a pretty quick study and has all the scientific background he needs.

SURGE: Surge is happy to help Kyle become familiar with the intricacies of starship duties.

JACK: I am also interested in learning more about the necessary skills to operate the sensors at least in some rudimentary way. I'll never be as good at it as you or the other scientists, but I feel that's my next step to being more useful on the ship, with those skills I can take a bridge watch... I think.

JACK (GM): The house rules on Systems Operations are a bit complex, I'd like a rundown of what is absolutely necessary for taking a bridge watch, ideally with some priorities so I can learn them gradually. My understanding is that I can't just take the Sensors group, so I need to know which ones of the subgroups are necessary. I may just take the Comms group as a base just because I already know the codes and started the training years ago on Black Moon when left behind with nothing but a radio to keep me company ;)
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