Prison Planet
Cushy Jobs
Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure Name:Prison Planet
Adventure Topic:Cushy Jobs
There are a number of surface level jobs available to prisoners who qualify. Normal requirements are the relevant skill for the job (see specific descriptions below), a minimum of 2 years at Black Moon, and one full year of making quota. At that time, a prisoner can apply for the job. He will not be accepted unless there is an opening. Openings occur when someone who has the job is paroled or released (or dies), or when someone who has the job is fired and sent back to the mines.

Machine Shop
Required Skill: Electronics or Mechanics
Number of Positions: 3
Machine shop workers are responsible for maintaining the vehicles and other equipment around the mine. They report to the Chief Mechanic.

1. Maid at the Warden and Assistant Warden Residences (2)(available only to attractive female inmates)
2. Grounds Maintenance (4)(clean the guards quarters and other common areas "up above")
3. Medic (2) (Assist the prison doctor)
4. Laundry (8)
5. Staff Cook (3) (Staff cooks prepare meals for the prison staff and guards and are housed in the privledged prisoner quarters.
6. Inmate Cook (6)
7. Mechanic (3)
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