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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Prison Planet
Send To:Curt Rustle, Jack, Max, Nobody, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)
Turn Number:30.2
Combat Turn:
Subject:Month 22 Discussions
Vamperina mentions that, in her role as grievance rep, she will be meeting with the new assistant warden this month. She will also be visiting CB3 to act as translator. Not sure this is of any relevance but wanted to let everyone know in case it is.

Also, Curt brought up the point last month that he can use his shape shifting ability to look like ANYTHING now and can even imitate other people. It seems like we should be able to come up with some ways to make use of this extremely useful ability. I've thought of a few but they all have some problems, either with cameras/sensors or with the fact that there would be an inmate missing (Curt) when they did a roll call. Does anyone else have any ideas? Curt, you know your abilities best, what do you think?

NOBODY: What is your mass conservation level? Can you reduce your size and mass, or increase them?

NOBODY: Would it be possible, if Curt can handle extra mass, for Curt to shift into himself and another person? Kind of like having your own remote-control inmate that has to hang close to you. I would assume that you would have to remain attached somehow, but in the crowd at the end of the day, that could work. This might allow somebody to slip away at night and do a little exploring.

JACK: Well there are a myriad of possibilities for usefulness, but as you said almost all of them entail a minor level of risk of discovery at the very least. I guess the easiest way to do this would be to think of a goal, and see if we could work it out. For instance this could be used in combination with the Red Light Express visit to get several unsupervised hours in the surface dome, to scout places, or even access restricted areas if a key could be had, but what would the true goal be? We already have the densiometer we need, so stealing one from the electronics shop is not worth the risk, what else do we truly need? Right now, in my mind, the things we need are to find the exit and find the way to the surface, and none of those things are going to be on file in anyone's office.

JACK: Perhaps you could get into the psych's office if he had one, and reset our arrival date/anniversary so that we have more time before our mindblocks are removed? Or find out more about his actual mindblocks?

JACK: "Maybe you could get into the scanning room and set something up to provide us with a blind spot on their sensors for the actual escape. Farfetched, I know, but I'm brainstorming here," Jack says with a wry grin.


NOBODY: Would the old man get the chance to use the G-C to gather a little data on the radiation levels in the mine? I'm hoping that the G-C is much more sophisticated than 20th century technology provides.


NOBODY (To GM): When Eli turned in, 2 days before the end of the month, the two books to the warden, with a polite "Thank you" note, was there any response?

GM: Who did you give the books to? You do not have direct access to the warden.

NOBODY: Since she didn't provide a means for Eli's returning them, but the old man did fall below 10k this last month, Eli will check with Taylor as to the proper procedure.

TAYLOR: "If you're done with them, then you can give them to me."

NOBODY: "I turned those two books back into Taylor, with a 'Thank you' note for the warden, two days before the end of the month. I expect that he will be returning them to the warden."


NOBODY: The old man would like the use of the magnetic compass to oreint his mental map and to fix any innaccuracies.
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