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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Prison Planet
Send To:Curt Rustle, Jack, Max, Nobody, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)
Turn Number:30.6
Combat Turn:
Subject:Escape Action Plan
Can I get a complete list of our hidey hole contents? I will append that to
our action plan.


Escape Action Plan:

13.22 - Surge returned to mining and volunteered for the DZ. Curt returned
to the MML. Curt distances himself from our gang and remains apart from our
group during rec time.

16.22 Vamperina & Dan return to the MML. They mine normally making sure not
to be seen with Curt.

21.22 Curt disappeared while mining in the MML. He sneaks into the toilet
waste area some time that day and remains hidden. Vamperina and Dan
volunteer for waste disposal duty. Curt slips inside one of the containers
and they then take Curt's container to the cell block to be emptied. The
same day in the DZ, Felix and Axel volunteer for disposal duty. There, Curt
slips out and into the DZ container. The next morning they bring him down
to the DZ, where he slips out before it's installed and when the time is
right sneaks out into the DZ and hides.


Opening the exit

23.22 With the camera looking away Scooter will prepare the opening. If
Scooter can get the hole open within the day, we'll have Curt move in (as
another random DZ inmate) avoiding cameras as much as possible and wait in
the shaft as a rock. Once the hole is open, he'll be ready to slip in. The
first priority is to pass Curt a mining light and have him look around for a
few minutes. He'll pass the light back when done. Depending on what he
reports we have many options as to what to do next.


1) We'll gather our DZ stashes and rearrange them as per Jack's suggestion
(we would have wanted to get this done earlier if possible). The goal here
is that we'd move all items that we're moving to the cavern's entrance in
one space.

2) While the camera is looking away we will want to make trips to our DZ
stash to take the items we want in the cavern to put there. It will be very
important that we smuggle these over in case we walk past some guards. We
will also not want too much traffic into the shaft if the camera moves back.
Here's the current list I have (Jack please update this as you see fit)
listed in order of priority to move over:

vacc suits
a small part of our food/drinks
half of our ore

One thing that we'll want to experiment with is if the environment of the
cavern will poison unsealed food. Thus do we need to do anything special to
keep our food from being contaminated?

3) Lights - We will need to make a rechargeable light for Curt to use. My
current thought is to take a mining light from some remote secondary shaft
in the DZ. I would then look at opening it, disabling any security systems
present. I would then modify it to run on the AFB's battery. Maybe put the
light bulb housing into the AFB so it becomes a flashlight. Steve, can you
give me a difficulty rating on that with time needed?

4) If Curt is unable to explore the cavern, such as rock block his way or
too steep of a slope or sheer walls to climb) we will need to expand the
opening all the way. This would allow Surge and Nobody to enter during the
day to help along. Surge can fly and explore in case the walls are too
steep. We may also need to scan with the densiometer in case rock is
blocking the way. A mining tool may also be required in that case Surge
will need to make adjustments to a tool to remove its transponder. That may
be work best preformed in the natural cavern where guards can not interrupt
his work.

5) We will want to camouflage the entrance as best possible with a solid
plug. If we open the entrance all the way, will this be impossible to do?
Will we have to rely on Curt to be the doorway? If so that would put the
exploring on Surge, Nobody and Jack during the day.

6) While the camera is away we may want to start on the cave-in setup. The
main downside is that would put a LOT of our people in that shaft and I
would want to avoid that until Curt is safely on the other side hiding the
exit and that part of the stash has been moved.

Escape remaining members

5.23 At this point enough time has passed since Curt entered the cavern
that Arpad, Dayne and Max will begin to stage the massive cave-in. This
cave-in will occur in the area of the exit and will cover over the opening
when done. This gives us 7 weeks to finish the cave-in before our blocks
are renewed. We will amend this section with more details as we get closer.

1) We need to make some 'rope' for the remote trigger for the cave-in.

2) As we get closer more of our people mine that shaft until all are there
the day of the cave-in. It will simulate that we've found a hot vein or
such and we're all mining it. Though we mine it too heavily and thus cause
the cave-in. We'll need to keep back part of our turn-ins for this purpose.
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