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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Prison Planet
Send To:Curt Rustle, Jack, Max, Nobody, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)
Turn Number:32.1
Combat Turn:
Subject:Month 23 - Planning the Cave-In
For the next seven days, Etienne, Arpad and Dayne, with occasional translation by Vamperina, prepare the cave-in. During this time, the cameras in the area outside lift shaft one do move occasionally, but never to the point where they are completely covering the entrance to the exit tunnel.

In the meantime, you follow through with your plan of slowly moving everyone to the exit tunnel. This tunnel is actually not that rich in oridium so you will have to use some of your saved ore to make it look like it is. This is not a problem as you have plenty of ore.

Also during this time, Axel tries several times to convince Etienne to come with them when they escape, but Etienne never wavers in his decision to remain behind. As a result, with the opportunity for escape looming nearer, Axel becomes a bit moody.

After seven days, Etienne says that the cave-in is ready to trigger. The plan is for him to trigger it after your group has entered the tunnel. How long do you want him to wait before triggering the cave-in?

JACK: I was hoping to remember something I'd forgotten, but I can't think of anything we've missed, assuming all our stashed valuables are in the exit cave. What I would like Curt to do now that I think about it is spend the nights shuttling the valuables to the other end of that narrow tunnel, to the tarp air-lock, to save time later when we're trying to move quickly.

GM: Curt easily gets everything moved to the upper cave over the course of the seven days.


MAX: I would just like an inventory on what we have before we move on...

NOBODY: When it is just the core group in discussion. "I believe that Axel is suffering from mind control, as I had. He is rapidly becoming a liability as he will soon become desperate about helping Etienne to escape. I recommend that we catch him someplace private in the DZ and quietly talk with him, then I can possibly scan him and maybe help him out of the imposed condition.

JACK: I share your concern, and will try to persuade him to accept the scan.

NOBODY: I am still quite suspicious of those cameras being faced away at such a convenient time. I know that Surge is all for not looking a gift horse in the mouth, but it was just that kind of attitude that got me landed in here in the first place.

JACK: It does seem pretty convenient. Let's not look it in the mouth, but let's not be surprised when its teeth are rotten.

NOBODY: Also, is Etienne aware that he will be a witness to our escape and there is a chance he might be tied to us by the warden? I would hate to see him suffer for aiding us in our escape."

JACK: Let's make sure that he's not KNOWN by the staff to be a witness. Should be easy enough to set it up so that he can trigger it from off camera. I do like the idea of getting a head start, and I do trust him to trigger the cave-in. If he wasn't willing, he'd never have bothered helping us set it up in the first place. Even if he doesn't trigger the cave-in, it won't cost us much, just might let some other prisoners escape.

JACK: Travelling through the perimeter BEFORE the cave-in will be helpful, the guards will be using their lazy eyes to scan. We still need to discuss the exact composition and means of the groups that will be travelling on foot to Circle City. I was planning to wear a suit and carry Nobody while I ran to save him the physical exertion and help him keep up with the group, and I can make a little over 22mph without over-exerting, especially if we rest briefly every half hour or so. Sounds like the Ionic Machine will have no problem keeping up if it's only dealing with 4, wasn't its speed 20kph with 8? I'm actually surprised we only need 4 people inside it... I guess I don't need a suit, I haven't really experimented with my air supply's DEFINITE limits, but I trust my aura to keep me alive (OOC: read I have some exp and if it takes us more than 4 hours to reach Circle City I'll spend 1 EXP to increase my supply to 12 hours ;) I had planned on that expenditure anyway.
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