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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Expedition to Zhodane
Send To:Jack, Kyle, Mek Meday, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)02/23/6570
Turn Number:13.8
Combat Turn:
Subject:Iridium Bar - Turn 0, Phase 12
Brother Gray senses that something is wrong. He looks sharply at Kyle and Midnight, and then attacks.

Dex 30 - Vamperina
Dex 29 - Brother Gray, Omen
Dex 23 - Jack, Surge, Midnight
Dex 18 - Kyle
Dex 14 - Mek

DEX 30
VAMPERINA: Vamperina is unaware of any crisis at this point.

DEX 29
BROTHER GRAY: Attacks Kyle with a Psychic Blast, ECV 10 vs ECV 5, needs 16- [rolled 14], Damage 8d6 vs Mental Defense [rolled 37]. Remember that Kyle and Midnight both have 8 points of mental defense from Vareq's shield.

GM: 22 points of STUN penetrate Kyle's combined mental defenses (personal and from Vareq), leaving him stunned.

OMEN: Vareq sees that the enemy psychic has noticed them. No point in being subtle. He walks up to Brother Gray and grabs him by the back of his neck. "Think your mind is tough? Let's find out." He slams Gray's head violently into the table top, crushing the glass underneath it. He keeps his weight down above Gray's head, who is sputtering from blood and beer, so that the psychic cannot get eyelock on anyone. Then Vareq looks up at the other bar patrons. "Imperial business. Get out. Now"

TECH: Half-move and Grab/Slam, levels in OCV
OCV 11 for Grab [rolled 13], DCV 8 Slam damage [rolled 1 5 4 3 3 1 6 5 5 4 1 1 - Total: 39, Body: 9], 6 END
PRE Attack to make patrons leave, 3.5d6 + violence modifiers
BOD 13/13 STUN 40/40 END 34/40

GM: Vareq attempts to grab Brother Gray who easily avoids the maneuver. OCV 9 (+2 levels, -1 for Grab, -1 for half move = OCV 9) vs DCV 10 - needed 10- to hit.

DEX 23
JACK: Jack is unaware of any crisis at this point.

SURGE: Surge hears Vareq's call on the radio and can react. He is on the bridge getting ready to get underway. Vamperina is also on the bridge while Jack is down in engineering, which puts him right next to the exit.

SURGE: Surge curses. "Mek's in trouble in the bar. Omen's requested backup asap!"
TECH: Surge will then move full speed flight to the door, open it and continue towards the bar.
Electrical Flight: 20" END: 4
BODY: 12/12 STUN: 34/34 END: 40/40 END RES: 71/75

SURGE (OOC): I'm not sure where the professor is. Clearly Jack, Vamperina and Surge will clear off the ship. This would leave the professor, his wife, Lisan and Rockora to watch over the ship. I'm guessing that they can safely watch over ROCK under normal circumstances. Though Surge might need to hold up once we depart ROCK to keep watch.

SURGE: Let me know how far I can get before I would encounter the public areas. I'm guessing I can't flying 20" an action through the public areas won't 'fly'. What about running at 12"? Am I correct that if Surge shot off a lightning bolt on the orbital that he would be breaking the law? What about the presence of a force field? What about the consequences of a fist fight? Just need to know what he can openly get away with.

GM: Knowing that the elevator is going to be way too slow, Surge heads to the shaft leading from the bridge to engineering and starts opening it. NOTE: To get off the ship, you have to get down to the exit door in engineering. Jack is down there but currently unaware of the situation. It will take one phase to get to and open the hatch (phase 12) if you make a DEX roll, another phase to get down the shaft and open the next hatch again with an successful DEX roll, another phase to get to ROCK's exit door and start cycling the hatch, and two phases to cycle through the hatch using emergency overrides. Then you will be on the map and can move normally from there.

VAMPERINA: Hearing Surge's warning, she too darts to the hatch and tries to get it open quickly, DEX roll, needs 15- [rolled 16]

SURGE (GM): Okay, how easily can Surge tap into the intercom system? Can he do so while moving through the ship? If not, then he'll have to hit the intercom button when he warns Vamperina of Omen's message. Here's a rewrite of his action based on the new information. If Surge can send a message via the intercom while moving he'll do so.
SURGE: Surge curses, keying the intercom he announces throughout the ship. "Mek's in trouble in the Iridium Bar. Omen's requested backup asap!"
TECH: Surge will half move to the shaft and attempt to open the hatch DEX 15- (includes + 1 overall level) [rolled 9].
Electrical Flight: 10" END: 2
BODY: 12/12 STUN: 34/34 END: 40/40 END RES: 73/75

GM: Surge taps into the intercom system and alerts everyone of the battle at the Iridium Bar. He also reaches the hatch and spins it open.

JACK: As soon as Jack knows what's happening, whether through Surge's intercom message or whatever, he will move to the outer hatch and start cycling it open. Hopefully he can start it moving on 12, but if there has to be some delay, so be it.

JACK (GM): If we open the hatch in this way is it basically both doors are open and stay open until everyone can pass through that wants to or do we need to coordinate moving through airlock-style. I don't want to leave ROCK completely wide open so someone could slip in while we're distracted, but if Surge closes and the locks the door as the last one out that seems safe enough for the minute or so that this could take.

GM: Jack begins cycling the exterior doors, using the emergency overrides. This will leave a clear passage between the ship and the station. It will take two complete phases (phase 12 is the first, you will finish on phase 3 and can pass through on phase 5).

MIDNIGHT: Still slightly confused at the strange turn of events, Midnight decides to trust his two teammates who have either been attacked or engaged in combat themselves. He will activate his defenses and try to focus his powers internally as he'd practiced with Vamparina and Jack. If his new power activates, he'll attempt a martial strike on the same person Vareq attempted to grab.
TECH: Activate Personal Gravity Field (Missile Deflection/Force Field/Knock Back Resistance) (0 Phase, -5 END), Activate Internal Gravity (Density Increase w/Clinging Damage Shield) on 15- [rolled 12] (1 of 2, 1 minute charges) (0 Phase, 0 END), Half Move (Half Phase, 1 END), Martial Strike (Half Phase, 0 END?)
To Hit: OCV 8/DCV 10 (+2 Martial Strike) [rolled 11]
Damage: (56 Strength is 11d6, Martial Strike is +2d6) [rolled 4 2 4 5 4 3 5 3 5 1 6 5 4 - Total: 51, Body: 13]
BODY: 10/10 STUN: 31/31 END: 34/40

GM: Brother Gray easily avoids Midnight's attempted attack.

DEX 20
Three of the other patrons in the bar react immediately.

ANUBI 1 - Activates Mind Warrior (0-phase). Triggers remote bombs (0-phase). TK Blast on Omen or Midnight (1-3 = Omen, 4-6 = Midnight [rolled 2]), OCV/DCV 10, needs 13- or 11- [rolled 8], Damage Damage 16d6 [rolled 5 5 2 3 2 4 6 6 1 2 5 3 3 1 4 6 - Total: 58, Body: 17], KNB [rolled 8].

GM: Omen got hit. Eric, let us know how he fared. Attack was vs. PD.

ANUBI 2 - Activates Mind Warrior (0-phase). Pulls gun and shoots at either Omen or Midnight (1-3 = Omen, 4-6 = Midnight [rolled 2]), OCV/DCV 10, needs 13- or 11- [rolled 16], Damage 3d6K [rolled 9], Stun+1 [rolled 4].

GM: Miss.

ANUBI 3 - Activates Mind Warrior (0-phase). Drain Will (at range) on Omen or Midnight (1-3 = Omen, 4-6 = Midnight [rolled 2]), OCV/DCV 10, needs 13- or 11- [rolled 9], Damage 5d6 Ego Drain [rolled 24].

GM: 2d6 stun from susceptibility [rolled 8]

GM: Omen loses 16 poins of EGO.

GM: All three of the new attackers are now very visible in the mental spectrum with some sort of activated powers. Off in the distance, elsewhere on the station, you hear several explosions. Immediately loud, automated alarms sound all over the station. Airtight doors slam shut and seal themselves. Computer-generated voices come over the public address systems calmly urging everyone to remain calm. Nevertheless, many people panic. Some of those within the bar start screaming and rush for the exits. Others duck down under tables and booths.

JACK (GM): 1) Do I hear any of these explosions, and/or automated Orbital alarms/comm messages? 2) Do I have any reason to suspect that the Orbital dock the ROCK is connected to is now exposed to space? That would be a nasty surprise once the airlock door is cycled open with all emergency overrides conveniently in place ;) 3) If there is an intercom near the airlock, and if I have time, I will relay a couple things to the others, most importantly at this point is for Professor Ricket to get up to the bridge in case they need to depart, and for his wife and daughter to hole up inside PEBBLE where it's safest. If I get any pertinent info from #1 and #2 I will also relay that.

GM: Yes, even those inside ROCK can hear and feel the distant explosions on the orbital. There is certainly a chance that the access corridor to ROCK is now exposed to space. You will know next phase as you enter the airlock, and can decide at that time whether you want to override the controls.

DEX 18
KYLE: I guess that means he'll take his action in 12 recovering from being stunned.

DEX 14
GM: Brother Gray is no longer maintaining the mind control which means that it starts getting weaker. Mek failed his initial break free but gets another one at post phase 12 at -3. If he fails that, he gets another after 1 minute at -2.

MEK (post-12): Breakout Roll, 9- [rolled 7]
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