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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Expedition to Zhodane
Send To:Jack, Kyle, Mek Meday, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)02/23/6570
Turn Number:13.9
Combat Turn:
Subject:Iridium Bar - Turn 1, Phase 2-3

GM: I believe that Omen went to -1 STUN before post phase 12. He is stunned and loses his next phase. He gets back 5 points of drain effect at post phase 12

Dex 30 - Vamperina
Dex 29 - Anubi

DEX 30
VAMPERINA: Vamperina moves quickly down the shaft to the bottom hatch and opens it, Dex Roll 15- [rolled 9]

DEX 29
BROTHER GRAY: Turns and attempts to reassert Mind Control on Mek, ECV 10 vs ECV 4, needs 17- [rolled 16], 16d6 effect [rolled 64] going for Ego +30 to have Mek follow him and not cause trouble.

GM: Mek is under the control of Brother Gray. He gets a breakout roll on his next action at -3.

ANUBI 1 - Draws pistol. Holds action.

ANUBI 2 - Mental Domination on Midnight, ECV 10 vs ECV 5, needs 16- [rolled 8], 16d6 effect [rolled 57] going for EGO +20 to have Midnight get out of the way and leave them alone.

GM: Midnight was successfully dominated. He gets a breakout roll on his next action at -4.

ANUBI 3 - Psychic Blast on Kyle, ECV 10 vs ECV 5, needs 16- [rolled 15], 8d6 EGO Attack [rolled 24].

GM: The attack succeeded.

Dex 29 - Omen
Dex 23 - Jack, Midnight, Surge
Dex 18 - Kyle
Dex 14 - Mek

DEX 29
OMEN: Recovers from being stunned.

DEX 23
JACK: Enters airlock.

GM: The indicators show that the corridor outside the airlock has earth normal gravity and atmosphere. Do you cycle through normally or do the overrides to have both doors open? In either case, it will take the entire phase.

JACK: <through intercom> "The indicators read earth normal grav and atmo outside airlock, I'm cycling it open with the overrides. Presumably emergency bulkheads have closed sealing off any sections exposed to space, but Vamperina you may want to bring a suit in case we have to cross any of those sections to get to the bar. Last one out closes the door and locks it of course." I will then do as I said I would, holding the intercom button so that I can speak immediately if necessary, fully defensive and ready to dodge if there's someone outside the door waiting to pounce and board the ROCK in the confusion. If I had any idea the Nubies were involved, I'd be triply paranoid. (doubly is not enough, and "Eli" is too much).

SURGE: Surge will continue following moving at full speed to the next door. He will ask Rockora to report on possible damage to or around ROCK.

Electrical Flight: 17" END: 3

BODY: 12/12 STUN: 34/34 END: 40/40 END RES: 72/75

SURGE (GM): I am not sure on how easily ROCK connects with the station and if it has any computer access to it. I could see that going either way. If it did, I would want Rockora to query the station on possible damaged parts. I would think that would be public data.

MIDNIGHT: Here's to lucky [rolled 13]

GM: Midnight failed his breakout roll. He steps to the side and doesn't interfere.

DEX 18
KYLE: When Omen went unconscious I assume his added Mental Defense went as well. In that case Kyle is down to -12 Stun on the first action of the Turn meaning he loses all of his actions until next Turn.

DEX 14
MEK: I'm not going to calculate what I need, since I don't know what mods I'll have. Midnight is in danger, the bar patrons are in real danger, and there are explosions on an orbital. Then again, I could just wish for a 3. I deserve it. :-) Breakout Roll, [rolled 6]

GM: You succeeded in your breakout roll and can act normally.

MEK(GM): Is the ceiling a drop panel, like in an airport bar, or is it more like Sam's Club bare bones girders? It won't change the general action, but the specifics after that change.

GM: It is a smooth rigid ceiling.

MEK: Mek stares blankly at Brother Gray. He intones dully, "Your wish is my command." In a brighter tone, he adds, "But I'm awful at following commands. Ask Sarge." He shrinks and leaps into the air. He'll either take cover in the drop space or behind a girder. If nothing like that exists, he'll move behind the bar and to the left on the map. Move at Combat Speed, full move if needed. No Attack this phase.

TECH: Activate Flight(11", FF(6 PD/5 ED/2 Mental Defense/1 Power Defense/1 Flash Defense: Sight Group), Shrinking (-10 PER Rolls to perceive character, +10 DCV, takes +15" KB)


BODY 13/13 END 28/28 STUN 30/30

ANUBI 1 - Simultaneously, with Mek's actions, he attacks Mek with a TK Blast. OCV 10 vs DCV 5, needs 16- [rolled 7], 16d6 damage [rolled 4 2 5 5 2 3 4 5 6 1 3 4 4 4 6 5 - Total: 63, Body: 17], KNB [rolled 10]

GM: Simultaneous with Mek activating his Shrinking and Defenses, he gets hit with a TK blast. I will give him the benefit of his FF against both the attack and the KNB (since FF is abortable to, I reason that it can come up quicker than other powers). KNB is figured without taking into account Shrinking because he was not shrunk when he was hit. KNB damage is 7d6 [rolled 1 6 5 3 6 4 5 - Total: 30, Body: 8].

GM: Mek takes 44 STUN and no BODY from the TK Blast, and 11 STUN and no BODY from the KNB. He is now shrunk but unconscious.
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