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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Prison Planet
Send To:Curt Rustle, Jack, Max, Nobody, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)
Turn Number:29.7
Combat Turn:
Subject:Month 21 Ore Turn In Amounts
Month 21 Mining Totals

Jack - 9680
Max - 1040 (lost 4 rolls due to scanning)
Nobody - 8240 (lost 3 rolls due to injury)
Vamperina - 10400
Curt - 8560
Scooter - 5680 (lost 2 rolls due to hidey building)
Dayne - 9200
Arpad - 10320
Surge - Working in Machine Shop
Sam - Working for Chaplain

The safest way to fool analytical programs is to extroplate the totals for Max and Scooter and fill in that amount. You don't need to do this for Nobody because it is not necessary to hide the fact that he was in the infirmary. If you want to reduce each person by a certain amount, say 5% that would also be safe. Where you might run into problems is if you move ore because you see that someone is close to a reward cutoff.

Let me know what amounts you want to turn in for each person and then I will let you know what tools you will be allowed next month. I've already sent Dennis the results of his scanning for month 21 so feel free to hit him up for it.

GM: Attached is a spreadsheet with your ore amounts for this month. If you want to cover for Scooter and Max, and subtract 5% from all totals, then you need to turn in 67602 grams of ore. You only mined 63120 so you would have to pull 4482 grams from your stash. Feel free to play with the percentage. You would have to subtract 12% in order to not have to pull anything from the stash.

GM: Otherwise, if everything looks good, and you want to go with the 5%, subtract 4482 grams from your stash, and give the group Cr58.

JACK: According to my calculations, since we don't have to cover up the shortfall in Nobody's mining, we only needed to lose 3482gr from the stashes. Now because Vana and Arpad hit the 10 kilo target legitimately, I was going to suggest that we simply not skim from them and let them hit it... I came close, and will not be hitting the reward level, so that will hopefully throw off a little suspicion. If we don't skim from the two of them we need to take out 4518 from the stashes, but we earn over 40 more credits. I'll attach my worksheet. Being able to adjust turn-ins by this tiny amount while the tools are still in flux from month to month should be incredibly hard for any computer to predict. I still want to know how they think they can predict that Nobody's a better miner than I am, I'm mining better than him at least half the time, without any adjustment at all, given the same tool. It's not like they took us each aside and measured every form of biometric measurement about us and gave us written tests. Bah.

JACK: The other option is to not skim from any of us this month, and make it all up from the stashes. Nothing could possibly detect that. That would cost us only 2522grams more... This will let each of us qualify for better tools sooner.

VAMPERINA: "I would personally like to turn in everything that I mined to get the bonus payment. I say that we go with Jack's second option and don't skim from us at all this month."

NOBODY: "I say keep it simple. About the only thing that I noticed is the excess of even numbers after all of the modifications are done. The only thing to watch for are the surges when we find rich veins. Those should be minimized. The warden is doing her research, and if she didn't know it in the past, she will most likely become aware of the existance of oridium pearls in the near future. Those rich veins produce a unique ore that is richer and older than what we usually pull from the mines. I strongly recommend that we stash any of this special ore, especially when there was a pearl present. We can, maybe, turn in some of the rich ore when there was no pearl in the rich vein so as to not look like we are totally hiding such discoveries.

JACK: All the ore we turn in is going into a bin, not being analyzed at the chemical level for purity by inmate, as far as I know. If I'm wrong, you're right, we should save the richer ore, turning it in about half the time.

JACK: By they way, I think between even and odd numbers is impossible to predict, given randomness. What they may examine is how much you exceed a given reward level or even the 400cr per credit to see how much ore was 'wasted' by you. For what it's worth, we wasted at least 2 kilos on my sheet, which by our old method would have been lots of random padding.

NOBODY: Jack, do you think that it would be too risky to question the ESC about the pearls and their value. You wouldn't have to admit that we've found any."

JACK: I don't think it's a bad idea. We can simply say we found one, and see what they have to say, too. Thing is, unless one of them was in the mining or precious gems business, the odds are good that they won't know much, they're not geologists they're businessmen. Etienne might actually know more, but I'm not going to bother him with this.

GM: It's easy to ask the ESC. They mine the DZ now and are never far away. When you ask them about it, they tell you that the pearls are not that uncommon down here. At least 2 or 3 are found every month. If you turn them in to the prison, they will pay anywhere from Cr100 to Cr600 for each pearl, depending on quality. You also learn, however, the the gems can be worth up to 10 times that amount on the outside.
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