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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Expedition to Zhodane
Send To:Jack, Kyle, Mek Meday, Midnight, Omen, Surge, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)08/16/6569
Turn Number:12.6
Combat Turn:
Subject:Q Battle - Turn 2, Phase 10-11
Dex 26 - Omen
Dex 23 - Deth, Jack
Dex 20 - Midnight
Dex 18 - Inchworm, Kyle

DEX 26
OMEN: Noncom Teleport, aiming 10" in front and 10" up from the Ricket's house.
Activation 15- [rolled 8], 3 END
Target hex 5- [rolled 7]
Hoizontal Scatter direction [rolled 4]
Vertical Scatter direction [rolled 6]
"Luck" roll to get close to house [rolled 10]

GM: You needed a negative 5 to hit the hex and rolled a 7 so missed the hex by 12". That means 12" short and 12" down. The luck roll means that your target hex was about 45" to the northwest of the Ricket's house and 10" above the ground. So you actually landed about 57" from the house and 2" underground.

Effect roll for teleporting into solid object - 2d6 [rolled 10]

2d6 of d6 Normal damage [rolled 3]

Damage roll - 3d6 - [rolled 2 4 6 - Total: 12, Body: 4]

GM: Jack, Omen and Midnight each take 12 STUN and 4 BODY with no protection. That puts Jack at 8 BODY so each phase he will need to roll 1d6 of bleeding damage. Midnight is at 6 BODY so he will need to roll 2d6 of bleeding damage each phase. The damage is taken from STUN but, if a 6 is rolled on any die, you take another point of BODY damage. If you want, you can slow your SPD down to 2 to take less damage. Also, as a reminder, here are the rules for stopping bleeding:

Bleeding can be stopped with First Aid which takes one phase. A successful First Aid roll (INT roll) stops one die of bleeding. A successful Paramedic roll stops one die of bleeding per 2 points by which the paramedic roll is made by. If the character engages in rigorous activity after bleeding has been stopped, bleeding may start up again at GM's discretion.

First Aid is a skill that ALL characters have and is equal to your INT roll.

DEX 23
JACK: Teleported with Omen. Jack mutters under his breath, "I think I know how Mek feels now, ouch. You both okay?" He then begins collecting himself, and attempting to stop the fresh bleeding wounds that have mysteriously appeared on his body.
TECH: full phase First Aid on self, 13- with level [rolled 14]. Bleeding damage [rolled 2 6 - Total: 8, Body: 3], using only dice which apply.
BODY: 7/12, STUN: 34/46, END: 18/66, Abs: 15

GM: You failed your First Aid roll so you did not stop any bleeding this phase. Bleeding will start until phase 12 so you can reroll then (i.e., you don't bleed on phase 10). You can also continue attempting First Aid every phase. The First Aid roll is always resolved before bleeding.

DETH: Deth does a full move teleport towards the Ricket's house. Whereas Jack, Omen and Midnight are to the northwest of the house, Deth was to the northeast. After this jump, he will be 26" from the house and about 50" from Jack, Omen and Midnight.

DEX 20
MIDNIGHT: Teleported with Omen. "I've been better, but I'll live." Midnight mumbles to Jack as he tries to relieve some of the discomfort caused by the teleport.

MIDNIGHT OOC: Midnight will attempt a first aid roll to stop the damage. He
also has some med patches (I believe) which he will use to help recover.
Can you email me the details on how those work?
First Aid [rolled 1 6 6 - Total: 13, Body: 4]

DEX 18
INCHWORM: Does something

Dex 30 - Vamperina

DEX 30
VAMPERINA: Full move to Focus
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