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Campaign:Black Moon
Adventure:Expedition to Zhodane
Send To:Jack, Kyle, Mek Meday, Vamperina
Turn Start Date (ex. 12/31/6565)02/23/6570
Turn Number:14.1
Combat Turn:
Subject:Iridium Bar - Turn 1, Phase 6-7
Dex 30 - Vamperina
Dex 29 - Anubi
Dex 23 - Surge

DEX 30
VAMPERINA: Full move out the airlock and down the corridor towards the passenger lounge.

DEX 29
BROTHER GRAY: Still holding Mek, Brother Gray begins concentrating on something.

ANUBI 1 - Holds action, providing cover for Brother Gray.

ANUBI 2 - Holds action, providing cover for Brother Gray.

ANUBI 3 - Holds action, providing cover for Brother Gray.

DEX 23
SURGE (GM): I'm not sure of the distances between the locks but my guess is it's not greater than 20".

SURGE: Surge flies behind Vamperina moving slightly slower than her. He pauses, poised at the door until the it is opened.

TECH: Electrical Flight: 20" END: 4

BODY: 12/12 STUN: 34/34 END: 40/40 END RES: 68/75

GM: It's 35 meters (17") from ROCK to the next hatch.

Dex 30 - Vamperina
Dex 29 - Anubi

DEX 30
VAMPERINA: Reaches the airtight door between ROCK's access tunnel and the rest of the station.

DEX 29
ANUBI: Brother Gray, still holding Mek, teleports away. Once he is gone, one of the Anubi pushes a button on a small (palm pilot size) device sitting on the table. Then the three of them depart the lounge at high speed. Their weapons are out and nobody gets in their way as they run through the entrance and take and immediate left.

GM: Midnight and Omen can send me PER rolls.
OMEN: PER Roll 15- with Overall Levels [rolled 9]
MIDNIGHT: [rolled 7] Per 12-

The three Anubi are too intent on leaving to notice that something fell out of Brother Gray's hand as he teleported away. Omen had a very good look and saw that what fell out of his hand was Mek! For whatever reason, he did not teleport with Brother Gray. Brother Gray almost certainly realizes this and even now may be planning to return.
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