Rule Category:Background Info
Rule Name:Aging
The average lifespan of an imperial citizen who lives on a technologically advanced (tech level 13) world, is about 160 years. Many people live past 200. As technological level goes down, so too does average lifespan. Longer lifespan is due mainly to medical and nutritional advances. There are still diseases out there for which there is no cure, but they are few and far between. Scientists have long known of the proper nutritional balance necessary for health and long life. As a result, all processed food contains those elements that promote health and long life.

There are still greasy hamburger stands and fast food which are still considered unhealthy, but they are several orders of magnitude more healthy that the greasy hamburger stands and fast food of today.

The average retirement age is 120.

It is often difficult to tell the age of someone who is less than 60. Most people don't really start showing signs of age before then. As a general rule, for the sake of comparison to the 21st century, take a person's age, subtract 20, divided by 2.5, then add 20. Thus, an 80 year old imperial citizen looks about the same age as a 44 year old today.

Applicable quote: "If you keep eating those McOrbit's hamburgers, you're going to be dead before you hit 120."

In game terms, everyone automatically has 1 point of LS: Longevity allowing them to live 200 years. If someone wants to have longevity to allow them to live to 400 years, it will cost them 2 points (i.e., the 1 point freebie doesn't reduce the cost of Longevity if someone wants more than 200 years).
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