Rule Category:Starship Design
Rule Name:PEBBLE's Scanners
Right now what I'm thinking is an integrated scanning system. It
would include all of the types of sensors you mentioned above but it
combines them together and integrates it with a computer analysis
program. You can choose to go active or passive.

In active mode the ship will be running a 360 radar scan constantly.
Once it finds something of interest it automatically does a full scan
with its other sensors. So the computer not only has a record of the
radar signature of the object but it now profiles that object with a
UV, IR and visual image of the object. It tracks proximity, altitude,
bearing and speed. The computer also has a record of known profiles
and will cross reference the signature with that. Also another part
of the active scans would include an electronic profile that could
reveal possible ship's systems like active weapons (have energy active
in them) and shields. Active scanners and other common ship systems
like propulsion would be revealed. I'm not sure if cloaking is a
known technology and if ships would have cloaking detection of various
degrees. If so I would think PEBBLE might have a basic version of
this. For the operator there is a small part of the scanner screen
that indicates all objects currently scanned. You can then highlight
an object which will then display more information in the main screen.
All scan types can be shown side by side so you can quickly see all
relevant information on the current object.

In passive mode PEBBLE would still build a profile of the object but
it won't automatically find objects and require manual targeting of
the scanners. The radar results ship's system scan, and cloak
detection would not be included. You still can cross reference the
visual, IR and UV profiles against the system's computer. Altitude,
bearing, proximity and speed would be estimated but without radar it
could be off, especially against an unknown object.

Both active and passive modes can be modified to be less or more
sensitive and thorough. So perhaps you don't want to profile the
objects to such detail or do a ship's systems can automatically.
Anyway, those are my thoughts if I'm a bit too high tech for PEBBLE we
can scale it back.
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