Rule Category:Starship Design
Rule Name:Jump Stations and Fuel Cost
Most major systems will have a spaceport located at the predefined Jump Point for that system. Systems with more than one inhabited world may have two Jump Points. These major systems will usually also have Jump Stations. A Jump Station is a spaceport that is located within a day's travel of a Jump Point. Since many ships don't want to spend the days, weeks or months that it might take to travel to the nearest gas giant to skim fuel, they will simply buy refined fuel at the Jump Station or at the spaceport orbiting the inhabited world.

The cost for refined fuel at a Jump Station is Cr100 per ton if the system contains one or more gas giants. If the system doesn't have any gas giants, but does have some other large source of water (e.g., a planet with large oceans), fuel cost is Cr150 per ton. If the system does not have any gas giants or any other sources of water, then all fuel must be brought in and cost is Cr250 per ton.
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