Rule Category:Skills
Rule Name:Autofire Skills
Source: 5th ed. rev.

Combat: No roll required
Cost: 5 Character Points for each Autofire Skill

These four Combat Skills let characters use Autofire attacks more efficiently. Characters can "stack" them together to, for example, execute Accurate, Concentrated, Skipover Sprayfire. When "stacking" in this fashion, a character takes the total of all the OCV penalties for the Skills used. Except as noted under each Skill, standard Autofire rules apply.

Each Autofire Skill costs 5 Character Points. Using any of them takes a Full Phase and halves a character's DCV (this penalty is not cumulative if he uses two or more Autofire Skills at once). An Autofire Skill applies to any and all Autofire attacks a character has or uses.

Accurate Sprayfire
The character can use Autofire against multiple targets with great accuracy. He suffers only a flat -1 OCV penalty (instead of the usual -1 OCV per hex fired into penalty). Accurate Sprayfire bonuses also apply when characters use Suppression Fire against multiple hex lines.

Concentrated Sprayfire
When using Autofire against multiple targets, the character can concentrate his attack to fire multiple shots at a partiuclar target, instead of the standard one shot per target. He incurs a -1 OCV penalty (in addiiton to standard Autofire modifiers).

Rapid Autofire
A character with this Skill may use Autofire attacks with the Combat Maneuver Rapid Fire (see page 396). He must fire the same number of shots in each burst of Rapid Autofire (i.e., if he fires 3 shots at his first target, he must fire 3 shots at all targets, even if his Autofire could fire up to 5 shots). He suffers Rapid Fire's cumulative -2 OCV penalty for each burst of Autofire fired after the first, in addition to any standard Autofire penalties.

Skipover Sprayfire
When firing at multiple targets, a character with Skipover Sprayfire can fire Autofire attacks in small bursts at nonadjacent hexes, so he doesn't waste Charges or energy firing into empty hexes. He only has to fire into the hexes he wants to fire into (i.e., those with targets in them), instead of into each hex counted in the hex line between targets. He incurs the standard -1 OCV penalty for each hex he tracks his attack across (even if he doesn't fire an attack into that hex), and can track his attack across a number of hexes no greater than the number of shots he can fire. Skipover Sprayfire attacks are at -1 OCV (in addition to Autofire penalties).
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