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Rule Name:EXP and Turn Values - Public Info
I won't go into detail as to how I award Turn Value points except to say that you get turn value points by submitting turns and that the better the quality of the turn, the more turn value points it earns.

On the other hand, I will tell you how much EXP you get based on your monthly turn value total.

Monthly Turn ValueEXP EarnedComments
3 or less2Generally an inactive character where the player is taking some time off gaming for personal reasons.
4 to 93The player, for whatever reason, is not very active that month but still manages a turn a week.
10 to 254Active player who submits 2 to 3 turns a week.
26 to 755Very active player who submits several quality turns a week and participates heavily in discussions.
76 to 1506Extremely active player who submits many, many quality turns during the month and participates and/or leads many discussions. This level is very rare. I've only handed out 6 EXP a couple of times (as of Jan 2005).
1517Hyperactive player. To this point (Jan 2005), no one has ever come close to 151 turn value points in a month.

The number of EXP is reduced by one for characters who have earned 150 or more EXP (i.e., someone who has a monthly turn value of, for example, 30 would normally get 5 EXP for the month but if they have already earned over 150 EXP, then they only get 4 EXP). This amount drops by an additional 1 point at 200 EXP (someone with a turn value of 30 would earn 3 EXP).

Note that this is the base amount. Some games may vary in this amount. For example, I do not want the characters in the Gamma Company game to advance as quickly so the base amount is halved and rounded up.
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