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Rule Name:Earth Orbital Zones

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The largest space colonization region is the zone around Earth which is divided into the following subsets:

LEO GEO HEO Legrange
Lunar Egrange

: Low Earth Orbit. A ring of Transfer Platforms and Satellites which surround Earth in comparatively low Earth orbit. Vessels that do not descend below this zone are able to operate without Re-Entry hulls and use minimal boosters to re-establish escape velocity.

GEO: Geostationary Orbit. A network of Short Term Residency Platforms and task specific Satellites surround Earth at this more stable orbital level.

HEO: High Earth Orbit. Four corridors radiating out from Earth 20 degrees above the Lunar plane that are set aside for New Soviet operations.
Four New Soviet Space Complexes reside in these corridors where they service the New Soviet Fleet.

* * * All craft are warned to remain outside these corridors unless specific permissions have been received * * *

Lagrange: Gravity stable positions around the Earth where UNSA/UNSC operations are based. L4 (4) and L5 (5) are both 60 degrees ahead of and behind Luna. L1 (1) is the primary transfer hub for all trans-system traffic while L3, L6 and L7 are long term residency stations and Fleet launch platforms.

Polar: Because of high energy Solar bombardment reference points 8 and 9 are are not useful positions for anything but short-term parking.

Luna: There are 9 Lunar bases currently in operation. Moonbase GODDARD is the largest civilian facility (and expanding) while Marxgrad is the largest Military base on the surface. Navigation approach to Luna must be cleared by the Lunar Orbital Authority beforehand.
* * * All craft are warned to avoid approach towards New Soviet Bases unless specific permissions have been received * * *

Egrange: Term for Lagrange gravity stable positions in the larger Earth/Sol orbit. The first of these facilites was completed in 2211 with construction of two more underway. (NOTE: These positions are not indicated on this display as they are outside the range of this view).

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