Rule Category:Imperial Net
Rule Name:A. Life in the Imperial Net
Life in the Imperial Net
The Net is a new and violent universe, a reality where Netrunners and super-AIs rule, bearing powers far beyond the most potent abilities granted by cyberware. Through the use of cyberdecks and specialized software, Netrunners can achieve great wealth, power, and fame.

The best Netrunners run only their own programs, but most people work with Netrunner software, either bought or pirated from a human developer or created by one of the mysterious AIs.

In the Net, reputations are made and broken depending on the speed, brains, and talent of the Netrunner. In this world, rumor travels faster than the speed of light, and a Netrunner with a mouth bigger than his skill is soon the giggle-pig of the data havens.

Embarrassment is not the only possible consequence of failure in the Net. If detected by the wrong people, a Netjunkie may jack out to find a couple of cops wanting to make some interesting conversation. Worst of all, "Black IC" can follow the trace back to the deck and set up feedback, flatlining the Netrunner and ghosting him in the net.

However, Black IC and many AIs are just as illegal as most Netrunners activities. AIs and Black IC are rare to say the least. Many Netrunners may never see, or know they saw, Black IC or an AI. Getting flatlined in the Net is not a normal consequence for making a mistake. Usually the illegal entry is logged and reported to the local police, who make every effort to catch the criminal. If the information is the type the corporation doesn't want to explain to the police, then some corporate enforcers or hired "security" contractors may show up on the Netrunners doorstep.

Instead of random data strewn throughout the Net, its users have molded the data into icons and immense structures. The Net has a landscape artfully crafted by its users.
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