Rule Category:Talents
Rule Name:Consumate Professional X
The character's knowledge of a particular profession goes well beyond the isolated knowledge that most professionals have for their profession. Here are some examples:

Consumate Professional Builder - Knows about all aspects of building from hands-on plumbing, electrical and HVAC, to knowledge building codes and standards of construction for all types of buildings. Basically any professional or knowledge skill dealing with building buildings, the character has if they make their roll. This also includes operating the equipment used to build buildings without having to take the appropriate transport familiarities. It does not include Mechanics or Electronics skill, however, and the character would be well-advised to purchase those skills as well.

Consumate Health Professional - This character's knowledge of the health profession goes well beyond that of a normal doctor. They can use their skills on all common races and, if they make their roll, uncommon or rare races. They know everything from running a hospital to driving an ambulance to working as a surgeon. This talent does not include the appropriate medical skills such as Paramedic or Surgeon, which the character should also take, but does include all sorts of health care professions from acupunture to chiropratic to podiatry to veterinary medicine.

A player who is interested in taking this talent should come up with a list of appropriate professions that are included.

For a base cost of 8 points, the character has an 11 or less roll. This roll can be increased by +1 for 1 point.

Note that skill levels (including Overall Levels) cannot be used to improve this talent.
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