Rule Category:Powers
Rule Name:High Range Radio Hearing
The character can hear and transmit up and down the radio and television communications bands. He can also sense radar emissions. The character may search for a specific frequency on a roll of 9 + (INT/5) or less. Maximum transmit range is 5 miles. Range can be doubled by buying the advantage Increase Maximum Range (multiple times if desired).

The frequency range of Radio Listen and Transmit is LF through SHF (30 khz through 300 ghz)

This power normally applies only to spoken communications. If a fax, video, radio teletype, wifi, etc. transmission is intercepted, it will be a meaningless series of high-pitched noises. However, this power can be bought for additional senses and sense groups to comprehend such transmissions (Normal Sight to see video/television transmissions or Radio group to interpret fax, radio teletype and wifi signals). Cost is +3 per sense, or +5 per sense group.

To be able to zero in on the exact location of a radio signal, Targeting Sense must be bought for this power.
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