Rule Category:Powers
Rule Name:Advantage: Scramble Breaker
This modifer allows the character to attempt to decrypt an encrypted transmission that he does not have the encryption key for. A Cryptography skill vs skill roll (character's cryptography skill vs the skill of the person who designed the encryption key) is made to successfully decrypt the transmission. This assumes that the character's level with Scramble Breaker is equal to or greater than the level of Encrypt/Decrypt on the target transmission. If the Encrypt/Decrypt is higher, then the roll is modified by -5 per level of difference.

Example: If the character has Cryptopgraphy skill on a 14 or less, and 3 levels of Scramble Breaker, and is trying to listen to a radio transmission that was encrypted with 4 levels of Encrypt/Decrypt, his effective Cryptography skill roll is 9.

+1/4 advantage for each level of Scramble Breaker
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