Rule Category:Powers
Rule Name:N-Space Flight
This Standard Power is the ability to constantly accelerate in space. Unlike normal flight, the character's speed increases by the base amount each turn. Base cost is 1 point per 1" of acceleration per turn. For example, someone with 25" of N-Space Flight would travel at a speed of 25" per turn on the first turn, 50" the second turn, 75" the third turn, 100" the fourth turn, etc. This will allow the character to travel the vast distances between planets in a solar system relatively quickly. The operative word is relative. Someone with 50" of N-Space Flight could travel the distance between the sun and Pluto in about 56 days. This assumes that they want to have a relative speed of zero upon arrival.

This power does not allow acceleration beyond the speed of light though it does allow the character to achieve a speed that is slightly below the speed of light. Given time, a character with this power could travel to other stars at slightly less than 1 light year per year. Thus, once they attained a speed close to the speed of light, they would take slightly more than 4 years to travel to a system that was 4 light years away.

This power does not confer any skill with astrogation. If the character, for example, wants to fly from Earth to Mars, they would need to calculate the point of intersection as well as the point when they need to stop accelerating and begin deccelerating. For +10 points, the character can designate any object that they can see and the intersection and acceleration/deceleration will be handled automatically.

This power does include some automatic obstacle-avoidance such that the character won't plow into the occasional asteroid and the like. However, this avoidance system can be overwhelmed, for example, if the character were to enter a highly populated debris field or asteroid belt. For a +1/4 advantage, the character is protected by a force field with a resistant physical defense equal to acceleration.

N-Space Flight costs END to use. Note that character's cannot spend END while they are sleeping. If someone wants to be able to use this ability to continue accelerating/deccelerating while they sleep, they will need to buy appropriate advantages.
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