Rule Category:Character Generation
Rule Name:Character Design Philosophy
The following guidelines should be used in designing and developing your character. Nothing is written in stone, but these should be used as guidelines, especially with regard to characteristic limits and power limits.

What this new design philosophy means to you:
It doesn't mean anything with regard to your character as he exists today. No one will be asked to make any changes to their characters as a result of this new design philosophy. However, going forward, I will be using these guidelines for character development. So, if you decide that you want to spend some EXP to raise a stat, and the expenditure will put the stat above the guidelines for the stat based on your archetype(s), you may not be allowed to raise that stat.

There are five basic character archetypes: brick, martial artist (MA), beamer, mentalist and speedster. Most characters will fall into one of these archtypes, but may have some crossover with another archetype, and maybe two.

Characters are limited in how powerful their attacks can be by game (it may be higher in Black Moon than in Gamma Company, for example). Characters who fit strongly into a single archetype will, in general, be allowed higher characteristics and power levels than characters that fall strongly into two archetypes. So, for example, someone who plays a straight brick archetype, can have a STR of 100 whereas someone who plays a brick/MA (primary brick, secondary martial artist), is limited to a lower STR, but can also develop some higher MA stats.

In general, characteristic maximum is 30 for primary stats (23 in Gamma Company), and 6 for SPD, but the following tables list exceptions by archetype.

Everyone can have an attack power that fits their archetype at the maximum level for the particular game (for Black Moon and Gamma Company, that means 100 points max at this time). Attack power should be limited to 60 active points for attacks not within your archetype. So, for example, a straight brick also has a ranged (beamer) attack. That ranged attack should not be more than 60 active points.

Combat Value
As a general rule, OCV should top out at 10 unless the concept really supports a higher CV. Martial Artists and speedsters will have no problem justifying a higher CV but other archetypes should generally limit themselves to 10.

Overall Levels
Characters are limited to a single Overall level. Other types of skill levels are not restricted.

Archetype Descriptions
Here are the guidelines for the various archetypes. Category descriptions are as follows:
  • Straight - Someone who is a straight brick, or straight beamer, etc., has abilities that fit solely within the archetype, with no overlap. That means, for example, that a straight beamer does not have any characteristics above 30 except for the characteristics that fit his archetype.
  • Primary - The character fits into two archetypes, but one of them is dominant and most of his abilities are those of the dominant archetype. It means that they have a secondary in another archetype.
  • Mixed - The character fits solidly into two archetypes, with neither of the archetypes being dominant.
  • Secondary - The character has another archetype that is primary but also has elements of a secondary archetype. For example, a brick who also has some martial arts maneuvers would be a primary brick and secondary martial artist.
Straight Primary Mixed Secondary
Max H-t-H Attack (AP)100908075
MAX Damage Classes20181615
Martial Artist
Straight Primary Mixed Secondary
Max H-t-H Attack (AP)80757065
MAX Damage Classes16151413
Straight Primary Mixed Secondary
Ranged Attack (AP)100908075
MAX Damage Classes20181615
Straight Primary Mixed Secondary
Mental Attack Powers (AP)100807570
MAX Damage Classes20181615
Straight Primary Mixed Secondary
H-t-H Attack Powers (AP)100908075
MAX Damage Classes12101010

Traveler Archetype
Another semi-archetype is Traveler. This would be someone with a variety of movement-based powers. Someone with many different types of teleports would fall into this category as would someone with movement powers that allow them to travel very long distances in a very short time. A Traveler is seldom a straight or primary archetype, but could be. Note that the Speedster archetype is assumed to have Traveler archetype abilities so a Speedster/Traveler would be considered a Straight Speedster.

Other Powers
Obviously there are other powers beyond attack and defense. In general, the maximum active points for a power is 75 unless it clearly fits within the concept and archetype of your character, in which case the maximum is 90.

Allowed defenses depend on the power level of the game and go up as the game progresses. No specific numbers are listed but, in general, bricks are allowed the highest defenses and speedsters the lowest. Bricks should have good defenses, and be very tough. Beamers should have good defenses, but are not necessarily that tough. Martial artists and speedsters should rely more on avoiding being hit than in high defenses. Mentalists will usually have decent defenses but are generally not that tough.

Damage Reduction is generally considered a brick power. If you have universal damage reduction (for physical or energy) then you are probably going to come out as part brick. This does not include specific types of damage reduction, such as a beamer with fire powers who has high damage reduction vs. fire.

Other defenses tend to be based more on character concept.

In general, bricks will have good Power Defense, Lack of Weakness and Knockback Resistance, but might be a bit weak in Flash Defense and Mental Defense.

Martial Artists tend to be a bit better in Mental Defense and maybe Flash Defense, but not as strong in Power Defense, Lack of Weakness and Knockback Resistance. Their PD and ED are usually not that strong as they rely on a high DEX to avoid being hit.

Beamers might have a little of all defenses except Lack of Weakness.

Mentalists, of course, will be strong in Mental Defense but are often weak in all other esoteric defenses.

Speedsters generally rely on their speed to avoid being hit and are usually weak in all defenses.

The bottom line is that concept really defines a character's defenses. If it doesn't make sense for a character to have a specific type of defense, then they shouldn't have it.

Existing Characters
The following lists indicate where I think everyone in the Black Moon and Gamma Company games currently fall with regard to archetypes.

Black Moon
Isobella - Straight Martial Artist
Jack - Primary Brick, Secondary Martial Artist, Secondary Traveler
Kyle - Straight Traveler
Midnight - Straight Beamer (or maybe Primary Beamer, Secondary Brick)
Surge - Primary Beamer, Secondary Mentalist (machines)
Vamperina - Primary Martial Artist, Secondary Brick
Vareq - Primary Mentalist, Secondary Brick

Gamma Company
Cal - Straight Beamer
Erict - Primary Beamer, Secondary Traveler
Marco - Straight Mentalist
Peter - Straight Mentalist
Rock - Straight Brick
Rosin - Primary Martial Artist, Secondary Traveler
Shooter - Straight Beamer

There are no archetypes that have INT or PRE as a characteristic that can be raised above 30. This is because these are more concept-based. A character of any archetype could have a concept that supports a high INT and/or PRE. The guideline here is that the concept should support an INT or PRE above 30 in order for you to raise the characteristic that high.

Additional Information
Obviously these guidelines do not address all possible cases, nor is that the intent. There will be some characters that are difficult to classify. The most important thing is that you have a good concept and remain true to that concept when developing the character.

Changes to Your Character
As I mentioned at the beginning, I don't intend to ask anyone to change their character as a result of these guidelines. I will instead use them to determine whether future EXP expenditures will be allowed or not, and as a tool for auditing future characters. However, if you are not happy with the archetype that your character falls into because it limits you in an area that you had planned to develop, let me know and I will allow you to make gradual changes to get there. For example, if you came out as a Primary Martial Artist, Secondary Brick, and you really want to be a straight Martial Artist, then we can discuss what needs to be done to get there.

What Next
After you have read this over, please send me an email with your thoughts on my classification of your character's archetype. If you agree with the classification, then that's all you need to do. If you disagree, let me know what you think your classification should be and why and we can discuss. In either case, once you have replied to me via email, you can have 1 EXP for your character. Note that if you want to make changes, the changes should not be made until after the current battle (in both Black Moon and Gamma Company).
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