Rule Category:Imperial Net
Rule Name:The Imperial Net
The imperial net is analogous to today's world wide web except that it spans the empire via subspace connections. Most businesses have some sort of "storefront" on the imperial net. The network is virtually separated by planetary system. Each planetary system's network resembles a long, virtual street known as the main street for that solar system. Only the biggest players on the imperial net have store fronts on main street. Main street is categorized by business type such that, for example, all hospitals will occupy the same general area of main street. The biggest hospitals will have storefronts on main street while smaller players will have storefronts on the cross streets. The further back you are from main street, the less expensive the cost of the storefront. Note that back streets do not connect outside of the business category though they do interconnect within the business category.

Access to the main streets of other systems, whether they are other inhabited worlds in the same solar systems, or different solar systems entirely, are made through the "Spaceport". Rates vary but are generally about Cr1 per hour for other main streets in the same solar system, and Cr1 per minute for other main streets that must be accesses by subspace radio.

Users appear as icons on the street. To access the imperial net, a user must pay an imperial net provider. This can be a monthly bill, in which case, the user will have a "house" on the imperial net, usually well back from main street unless they want to pay money for one that is closer. Otherwise users can access the imperial net through a public access point, in which they pay a usage fee (generally about Cr10 per hour, or fraction thereof). In this case, the user appears in the net in a "hotel room".

Movement is by "Running". Although flight would be easy to program, it requires special permits to fly through the net.
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