Rule Category:Powers
Rule Name:Radio Listen and Transmit
The character can hear and transmit on local AM, FM, and Police band signals. Maximum range is 5 miles. Range can be doubled by buying the advantage Increase Maximum Range (multiple times if desired).

The frequency range of Radio Listen and Transmit is LF through VHF (30 khz through 300 mhz)

This power normally applies only to spoken communications. If a fax, video, radio teletype, wifi, etc. transmission is intercepted, it will be a meaningless series of high-pitched noises. However, this power can be bought for additional senses and sense groups to comprehend such transmissions (Normal Sight to see video transmissions or Radio group to interpret fax, radio teletype and wifi signals).

To be able to zero in on the exact location of a radio signal, Targeting Sense must be bought for this power.

Encrypted radio signals are treated as "armor" on the radio signal. To armor a radio signal, the advantage "Hardened" must be purchased for the power. The advantage can be purchased multiple times to reflect varying levels of encryption. For example, if Hardened is bought five times, encryption level is considered to be "Level 5 encryption".

On the flip side, it is possible to pierce the armor of a signal. To do this, someone with this power must make a Cryptography roll at -5 per level of encryption (Hardening). If successful, he can hear the signal normally. The encryption can be pierced more easily if the advantage "Armor Piercing" is puchased on this power. Each level of Armor Piercing will offset one level of Hardening for purposes of the Cryptography roll.

Example: Captain Antenna has the power Radio Listen and Transmit. He bought it with 2 levels of Hardening, and 2 levels of Armor Piercing. This allows him to send out radio signals with level 2 encryption. It also allows him to intercept and read encrypted signals if he also has Cryptography skill. In fact, he has Cryptography skill on a 14 or less.

Scenario One: Captain Antenna picks up an incoming encryted signal. He doesn't know how many level of encryption it has but the GM knows that it has two levels. Since Captain Antenna has 2 levels of armor piercing, the encryption is offset. Captain Antenna need only make a simple, unmodified, Cryptography skill roll to be able to hear the signal.

Scenario Two: Same as above but the incoming signal is only level one. Having 2 levels of armor piercing gives no bonus. He still needs to make an unmodified Cryptography skill roll.

Scenario Three: Same as above but the incoming signal is level 3. Level 3 is one level higher than Captain Antenna's 2 levels of armor piercing so he must make a Cryptography roll at -5 to read the signals.
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