Rule Category:Skills
Rule Name:Acrobatics
Source: 5th ed, revised

Agility: 9 + (DEX/5)
Cost: 3 Character Points; +1 to roll per +2 points

This Agility Skill allows a character to perform flips, jumps, and rolls like a circus acrobat. Acrobatics lets the character jump from one moving vehicle to another safely, swing from flagpoles, bounce off awnings, and execute other tricky moves. A character with Acrobatics could jump and flip over an obstacle, then land on his feet ready to fight.

Acrobatics doesn't just impress bystanders - it's useful in combat. An acrobat can often gain +1 to +3 to his OCV by surprising his opponent with an acrobatic maneuver (the GM determines this bonus; see Surprise Move, page 381). Typically this is a Zero Phase Action, or an Action that takes no time. If a bonus is appropriate, a good rule of thumb is +1 OCV for every 3 full points by which the character succeeds with his Acrobatics roll (i.e., if the character makes the roll by 3-5, he gets +1; by 6-8, he gets +2, and so on.

A character with Acrobatics can also retain his balance when walking on narrow or difficult surfaces, such as tiny mountain ledges, the edges of buildings, or tightropes. The GM should assign modifiers according to the difficulty of the situation. The character can perform easy feats of balance (like walking on a balance beam) with no chance of falling.
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