Rule Category:Background Info
Rule Name:Lifestyle
Rather than getting bogged down in the financial details of marking off credits for every expense, you can instead use lifestyle rules for handling everyday type expenses. Use the following table as a guide. Note that the GM might include a multiplier for particularly expenisve, or particularly cheap locations.

Barely subsisting100You find food in the garbage or at free shelters. You live in the streets or in free shelters. Your clothes are ragged and you smell bad.
Really Low500Your next door neighbors run a crack house. You pay rent but the only sign of the landlord is the really big collections agents that he sends round to collect the rent. You buy the cheapest food and shop exclusively at second hand stores.
Low1000You live in a low rent tenement. You have decent food and buy new clothes when you need them.
Middle 3000You have a decent place and good food. Your wardrobe is varied enough for most occasions. You go out to movies and the occasional restaurant. You can afford to get around town, either with an expensive vehicle or via public transportation.
Upper Middle5000You have a nice place and eat out a lot. You have a nice, but not too expensive car for getting around. You have a nice wardrobe and nice furnishings.
High10,000You have a great place with a nice view. You eat out whenever you want. Everyone at the local spa knows you by name. You entertain, and are entertained a lot. Your vehicle is the envy of many.
Very High15,000+Like High but everything is better and more luxurous.

Use the above table as a guideline. For example, if you are not the carousing type, you might mark off 3000 credits per month but, instead of lots of nights out, you have a better vehicle.
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