Rule Category:Skills
Rule Name:Analyze
Source: 5th ed. rev.

Intellect: 9 + (INT/5)
Cost: 3 Character Points; +1 to roll per +2 points

This Intellect Skill allows a character to analyze another character's abilities or skills to determine the other character's level of power or degree of competence. The character must specifiy what he can analyze using this Skill when he buys it; examples include Analyze Style (martial arts styles), Analyze Combat Technique (fighting skills and tactics), Analyze Magic (magical styles and training), Analyze Agility Skills (competence at Skills based on DEX).

If a character makes his Analyze roll exactly, he has a general idea of how skilled the target is in comparison to him ("He's better than me," "I could do better than him easily"). If he makes his Analyze roll by 1 or 2, he knows where, how and by whom the target was trained (if applicable). If he makes his Analyze roll by 3 or more, he can discover distinctive mannerisms about the target that grant him +1 DCV against any attacks (or -1 on Skill Versus Skill rolls) made by the target. If the character makes his Analyze roll by half or more (for example, by rolling a 6 or less on a 12- roll), he gains +2 for all relevant rolls against the target (this bonus is equivalent to two Overall Skill Levels; the character may assign the bonus as he sees fit from Phase to Phase).

A character cannot make successive Analyze rolls against the same character in the same encounter - he only gets one try. The knowledge and bonuses gained through use of Analyze last for that encounter only; they do not "carry over" to future encounters. The character may retain the rough knowledge - "I'm better than him" - but not the bonuses. However, at the GM's option, the character may receive a positive Skill Modifer to reflect his past familiarity with the target's techniques.

The GM can expand Analyze to allow a character to analyze and evalutate just about anything - buildings, technology (or specific types of technology, like computers), you name it - to determine how well-built they are, and their capabilities, in relation to similar items he knows about. In this case, Analyze acts as a particularly useful Complementary Skill - it grants a +1 bonus to related Skill Rolls (include Find Weakness rolls) for every 1 point by which the character makes his Analyze roll.
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