Rule Category:Character Generation
Rule Name:Package Deals
As a general rule, characters can only have one package deal.

Martial Arts Package Deals
Anyone with Martial Arts skills may take a martial arts package deal. The deal is worth 1 point for every 5 points of martial arts maneuvers in the package (round down). Thus, if you have 14 points of martial arts maneuvers, the package deal is worth 2 points. You must use these points to buy skills that are complimentary to your martial arts style.

Professional Package Deal
Players may have one Professional Package deal that represents their primary profession. This could be a profession that they are still engaged in, or a profession that they previously held. In general, a professional package should include a few skills that represent the profession, as well as a professional skill and some knowledge skills or sciences that reflect a deeper knowledge of the profession. A professional package deal is usually worth 3 points and assumes that you have at least 15 points worth of skills, including at least one knowledge skill or science and a professional skill. Note that you get a 2 point professional skill for free. If you want the professional skill at the 3 point level, you need only pay the 1 point difference. When determining the cost of the package (i.e., the 15 point minimum, only count the points you actually pay; nothing for a 2 point professional skill and 1 point for a 3 point professional skill.

Other Package Deals
Other package deals are certainly possible. Below are some examples:

Heavyworlder Package Deal
  • +5 STR (5 pts)
  • +3 CON (6 pts)
  • +3 BODY (6 pts)
  • Heavy: -1" KNB resistance (2 pts)
  • Heavyworlder: Environmental Movement (High-G) (1 pt)
  • Used to High-G: Armor (2 rPD/0 rED) only to protect against G-force damage (1 pt)
  • Heavyworlder package deal (-3 pts)
  • Total Cost of Package: 18 points

Waterworld Package Deal
  • Water Breathing: Life Support (Expanded Breathing: breathe underwater; Safe Environments: High Pressure, Intense Cold) (8 pts)
  • Webbed Hands and Feet: +3" Swimming (3 pts)
  • Nightvision (5 pts)
  • Aquatic Being: Environmental Movement (Aquatic Movment) (3 pts)
  • Vulnerability: 2x effect from Sight Group flash based on bright light (Common) (-20 pts)
  • Waterworld package deal (-3 pts)
  • Total Cost of Package: -4 pts
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