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Rule Name:Teleport, Usable As Attack, Area Effect
Here is my post and Steve Long's answer:

I have teleport defined as follows:

Move Group: Teleportation 7", Ranged (+1/2), Usable As Attack (+1),
Area Of Effect (4" Radius; +1) (49 Active Points); Increased
Endurance Cost (x2 END; -1/2), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4)

The defense against the teleport is desolidification, teleport or power defense.

1. Can someone with one of the defenses choose to accept the teleport?

2. If yes to question one and they have power defense, do they effectively "turn off" their power defense to accept the teleportation such that if they are attacked with a drain on the same phase, they would not get their power defense?

3. If someone with one of the defenses is unconscious are they still immune to the teleport?

4. If someone with one of the defenses has grabbed someone without one of the defenses and both are in the AE of the teleport what would happen?

Steve Long's Answers

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. Typically, yes, the defense is that they have one of the listed abilities, not that the ability be in use or active (though as noted above, they can actively "turn off" a valid defense if they want to for some reason). Otherwise, things like Teleportation wouldn't be valid defenses, since they're rarely (if ever) in use at the precise time a UAA power is used against the character. However, the GM can rule otherwise if that seems appropriate to him based on common sense, dramatic sense, game balance, special effects, and similar considerations.

4. The Grabbed person, who's subject to the power, is affected by it, while the Grabber (who has a defense) is not unless he chooses to waive that defense and subject himself to the power.


So that is pretty much how I plan to run it.

One thing that I forgot to ask was about whether the person with the power will also teleport if he is in the AoE but the answer seems to be so obviously yes that I won't both asking. Unless you buy personal immunity, then Erict goes along as well. Since the AoE is not bought as selective, then everything in the AoE will go along, whether Erict wants it to or not.

Second Posting to Steve Long

Teleport with UAA and AE - Redux II

Hi Steve,

Thanks for answering my last post about this. After you answered it, I saw another post that brought new questions. Here is the text of the post:

I have a similar construct and I was puzzled by one thing: the additional mass limitation. If I have purchased a Teleport with UAA and AE (Radius), do I . . .

1) have to purchase extra mass for all the people in the AE via Teleport?

2) have to purchase the increased advantage for extra mass in UAO?

3) need to worry about its effect on people with density increase or does it work the same regardless of the "victim"'s mass?

I apologize if I missed a clarification in the rules, but it seems confusing to me. Thanks.


Your answer referred him to page 274 of 5th ed. I read that section and am left wondering. Are you saying that even though he has teleport UAA AE, he is still limited to a mass of 100 kg unless he buys the increased mass for teleport? So he must buy AE and then also buy increased mass to teleport multiple targets?

Steve Long's Answer:

No, the rules say the opposite. Look at the last paragraph of the section I cited -- it says per object. The same rule is mentioned on 5ER 231 in re: Area Of Effect Telekinesis used against characters. The same logic extends to Teleportation UAA -- it's 100 kg per object Teleported, not 100 kg over the whole area. If that mass is increased via the Increased Mass Adder, the increase applies per object as well. Otherwise the power would pretty much be useless.


This is pretty much how we planned to play it anyway. Inanimate objects follow the extra mass rule. Objects over 100kg won't teleport. Legal targets (characters, NPCs) automatically go regardless of weight unless they have the appropriate defense. The UAA automatically scales to meet the target's mass. So with AE and UAA the extra mass adder is only useful when you want to teleport objects larger than 100kg.
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