Rule Category:Talents
Rule Name:Ubiquitous Contacts
This Talent is for the character who seems to know someone everywhere. For 10 points, he is likely to have a contact at a given location on an 8 or less. This increases to 11 or less for 15 points. Each +1 to the roll costs 2 points.

Given the sheer size of the empire, a character should only take this talent if their character concept is such that their character travels a lot and has been to many worlds. The character should also consider taking the X Traveller talent. In other words, the player must provide some justification for why their character has this talent.

In practice, the way that this talent works is that the character gets a base roll with no modifiers on well populated worlds in the sector that they spend most of their time in. If the character makes the roll, they have one more more useful contacts (the more they make their roll by, the more contacts they have or perhaps they have fewer contacts, but the contacts are more useful). Less populated worlds will incur penalties to the die roll. An easy way to handle such penalties is to look at the Starport rating for the given world and compare to the following table:

A: No penalty
B: -1
C: -2
D: -3
E: -5
Different Sector: -1
Different Empire: -3

For example, if the character normally has this talent on a 13 or less, and their home sector is the Spinward Marches, they would have a -3 to their roll to have a contact on a Class C starport world in the Deneb sector, and a -6 to their roll to have a contact on a Zhodani world outside of the Spinward Marches.

If the character fails their modified roll, but makes their base roll, then they have no contacts there, but will be able to easily establish a contact with a minimum of effort. For example, the character has this talent on a 12 or less, but their modified roll given world size and location is 9 or less. They roll a 11. That means that they have no contacts on this world, but will find it easy to establish a contact (they failed their modified roll but made their base roll).

As always, common sense should be used in conjunction with this; if there is no possible way the character could have a Contact in a particular situation, then the GM should not feel required to throw logic out the window and grant a Contact anyway.

Note that skill levels (including Overall Levels) cannot be used to improve this talent.
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