Rule Category:Powers
Rule Name:Mental Defense
Those who want to take Mental Defense only to protect a part of their mind can use the following table. Such Mental Defense applies only to Telepathy, and even then, it is a subset of the mind.

-1 1/4
All Hidden Thoughts and Memory - if a telepath is going for
something at the EGO +10 level, the additional mental defense kicks in
-1 1/2
Everything in memory - if a telepath is going for something in
Memory (or subconscious), requiring the EGO +20 level or better, the
additional mental defense kicks in
-1 3/4
5 mb (1 million characters) of information (2-4 thick books)
500 kb of information (a short book)
-2 1/4
50 kb of information (20 pages)
-2 1/2
5 kb of information (two pages)
-2 3/4
2.5 kb of information (one page)
500 bytes of information (one paragraph)
-3 1/4
100 bytes of information (one sentence)
-3 1/2
25 bytes of information (25 characters)

For example, a character could take 20 points of mental defense that only protects his memories; a -1 1/2 limitation. If a mentalist attempted to read his mind, and was looking for Surface Thoughts or Hidden Thoughts, the 20 points of Mental Defense would not apply. However, if the mentalist was trying to read something out of the character's memory, then the extra 20 points would apply.

Anything at the -1 3/4 level or lower requires the talent "Computer-like Mind". When commiting something to protected memory, the GM will let you know the volume of information (in bytes). One byte of information can be equated to 1 character. Thus a 5 letter word is 5 bytes.

At the -3 1/4 level and lower, you should keep a record of exactly what is in your protected memory. Include it on your character sheet and let the GM know whenever it changes by sending an updated character sheet.
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