Rule Category:Talents
Rule Name:Erudite Scholar of X
This talent is for characters whose knowledge of a specific category is so in-depth that they can reasonably be said to know something about almost all aspects of the category on all known planets. For example, a character who takes "Erudite Scholar of History" knows something of the history of all known worlds and how these histories interact with one another as the worlds became aware of each other. A character who takes "Erudite Scholar of Flora" knows about plants of all known worlds. An Erudite Scholar of Fauna knows about animals on all known worlds. An Erudite Scholar of Culture knows something of the culture of all known worlds.

For 5 points, the character has an 8 or less roll on the subject. This increases to 11 or less for 10 points. Each +1 to the roll costs 2 points.

As always, common sense should be used in conjunction with this; if there is no possible way the character could have knowledge of a particular subject, then the GM should not feel required to throw logic out the window and grant such knowledge anyway.

Note that skill levels (including Overall Levels) cannot be used to improve this talent.
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