Rule Category:Powers
Rule Name:Flight - Escaping Gravity
To be able to fly from the surface of a planet out into space, a flyer must be able to maintain a speed of greater than 120 inches per turn. Actual speed will start at 60 inches per turn since ascension rate is at half speed (i.e., someone with 10 inches of flight can only ascend 5" in a phase). As the flyer ascends, they are fighting the pull of the planet's gravity. Their speed will decrease by one inch every thousand meters, to a maximum of minus 60 inches at 60,000 feet. The flyer will break free of the planet's gravity when they reach 100,000 meters.

The flyer must be able to maintain this speed. They cannot stop and rest. If the flyer's recovery is not high enough to pay for the END cost of maintaining the speed, then they cannot break free of the planet's gravity and thus, cannot fly into space.

See the attached spreadsheet to determine how long it will take a flyer to get into space from the ground. The numbers are not exact since they don't take into account the number of phases it takes the flyer to get up to full, non-combat speed, but it will give a close approximation.
File Attachments:FlyingIntoSpace.xls