Rule Category:Skills
Rule Name:Electro-Mech Skill Level
A five point skill level that applies to all "Electro-Mech" skills is applicable when the focus of the skill is a piece of electronic or mechanical equipment. This includes fixing such equipment and, and many cases, using and designing such equipment. The key is whether it is the equipment that is the focus of the skill, or whether the equipment is a minor part of the skill.

In all cases, a Mech-Tech skill level applies to the following skills:

Security Systems
Starship Engineer

In most cases, it will also apply to the following sciences:

Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Physics
Subatomic Physics

In some cases, it may apply to the following skills:

Computer Programming - When dealing with hardware issues
Systems Operations - If focus is with machinery

For Surge, it will also apply to the following skills, as long as the power is not used as an attack power:

EM Scan - Mind Scan-based power that detects Electro-Mech equipment
Remote Control - Mind Control-based power that controls Electro-Mech equipment
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